4 days late and TMI v strange cm

ok, somebody please help, im 4 days late, last tested at 2 days late - negative. TMI alert now but i've just been to the loo and when i wiped there was a big lump of creamy jelly like cm, with pink streaks through it and then what looked like a very small piece of tissue, similar shape and size of an apple pip but it was ivory coloured, it had a distinct line running down the middle too. I only looked that close because of the pink streaks. What could it have been?

First thought was is it a bean, as I had pg symptoms over a week ago that have faded, but then isn't that a bit big and wouldn't there be lots of blood? I wiped again, and TMI had a rummage but there but there was only more creamy cm which i've has since Ov and never went away, CX is still high and soft as it has been since Ov.

I don't know what to think?


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