Hi ladies!! My first new topic, yay!!

I've decided to try OPKs this month (first month of really trying after first post-pill AF) and wondered if anyone who uses reguarly could recommend the best, most reliable, ones to get??

It is just a POAS type thing??

Sorry to ask silly questions, am new to all this!!

Amber xxx


  • Hi,
    I use the cheap ones, I bought them on a website called home health i think, i paid about ??4 for 25 tests?? Some people don't like them as they don't always get a reading from them, but they have worked everytime for me. In fact the 1st month i used them I fell pregnant after 15 months of trying. If things don't happen quickly this time i may cave in and get the CBFM (clear blue fertility monitor).
    Good luck x
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