fao bubblicious

hiya bubblicious,

Just wondered how you were feeling today as you sounded so down in your last post? xx


  • Thanks, Samsa, for thinking about me. I'm okay today but I had a bit of a rough time yesterday.

    My younger brother announced at a family lunch that he is expecting #3 [planned but earlier than expected .... lucky them[!]].

    Anyway, I cried a LOT last night and had a really open chat with DH about how sad, I've been these last few months but I feel better for it and when I woke up this morning, it was with renewed hope.

    How are you doing, hun?
  • oh no, that was all you needed! i think you are just having a rough time of it at the mo and that things can only pick up for you.

    I had a period like this a good few months ago. My sister announced she was expecting and had only just started trying and it was all a big shock. I felt like conceiving would never happen and that life was passing me by.

    I still feel down and frustrated but am having a good couple of months where altho it still feels like it may not happen, i feel more positive about life. Im not sure why - i think being referred for tests has helped.

    Anyway feeling bit nervous as we get sa results on thurs and im just really hoping they are good.

    I hope the good cry did you some good. sometimes we just get to that stage then we turn a corner. im hoping that you have turned yours and will feel more positive in the near future.

    We are all here if you need a chat/moan/cry! xxxx
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