ARG! Mamas and Papas sale torture!


The pram that I have been dreaming over on the internet is now ON SALE! ARG! I know it would be total madness to buy it now, but it's ON SALE for crying out loud!!!!

Just thought I would share my pain, snarf.


  • If it's any consolation, mine is too - so not fair :evil: :cry:

  • I am not looking as i may end up crying :lol:

    I had 8 different buggys with my boy image can't wait to have another.
    Is it sad we know what one we want ???? and am i sad that ive been to play with the 1 i want i even put my boy in and played some more :lol: :lol: :lol:
    I brought a steraliser coz it was brand new for ??5 :lol:
    that was ova a year ago :lol:

    OH GOD i looked :cry: :cry:
    It was ??275 Now ........ ??150 image image image :roll:

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  • i was in mother care a couple of weeks ago didnt want to go in but my friend needed some thing for her little girl and i was woundering round when i found the baby bouncer that i would like next thing i knew the salls asistant came over and asked if i needed any help i thought not the help you
  • Its so annoying. The one I want is half off.

    To be fair when I worked at mamas and papas they had a sale every 4 months or so... so you might be ok!
  • Glad I'm not the only one, giggle! I know I shouldn't torture myself like that, but the internet is just soooo tempting isn't it??! Maybe2010 - thanks for the insider info! Just hoping that they still do this model when the time comes.
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