Hi Ladies,

I know about folic acid and im taking morrisons own at the moment.
But i was wondering do the ttc vitamins u can get have anything else in them to help with ttc?
also should hubby be taking something? as i have seen his and hers ones in boots?
what do u take?
Thank you xxxx


  • Hey,

    I have been taking Folic Acid but i read somewhere that you can get pregnacare tablets that both male and female can take. I ordered some off ebay for ??12 and jsut waiting for them to arrive and going to switch to them also gives hubby vital vitimains to help TTC.
    Lisa x x x
  • thank-you, i was wondering if they have something else in as well as folic acid? coz am i right in thinking that folic acid is just to prevent defects in baby it doesnt help ttc? x
  • Yeah thats my understanding of folic acid. The pregnancare have folic acid included but also a mixture of different vitimans, minerals and antioxidents needed for males and females. You get a box on 60 pills 30 each reviews online are very good. x x
  • oh thank-you, i will look at getting some, love ur picture by the way! xx
  • Aww thanks just what i am hoping for lol. Good luck!! x
  • hi pregnancy and conception vitamins differ from normal mulitvitamins because one, the contain folic acid, and two, they DON'T contain vitamin A, which can be harmful in pregnancy (which is why ur not to eat liver or pat???? when pregnant) so u can't just take normal vits + folic acid as ur not supposed to have the vitA hth xx
  • i take pregncare as it has ur folic acid in it as a bonus to all the other vits. U shouldnt take normal vits as they have vit A... which pregnant ladies shouldnt have too much of.

    They are currently 3 for 2 in tesco, i got 3 months supply for ??8. Not bad.

  • Thank-you ladies, is there much vit A in foods? other than pate? x
  • anything liver based, but thats all, well thats the only thing that has it in too high amounts so ist the only thing needed to be avoided, its in some dairy products and oily fish too but its in nice safe levels in those foods so no need to cut back...however swordfish and shark need to be avoided, but for because they're high in mercury, and tuna is also high in mercury but just needs to be limted to one to two portions a week as its not as high as the others

    and u'll find this section of the Food Standards website particulalry helpful
  • Hi All, I found this on a parenting website. Thought it was useful info:
    'It is highly unlikely that you will overdose on vitamin A. Prenatal vitamins are developed using a safe dosage. The additional amount of vitamin A in your diet is most likely in the form of beta-carotene, which does not act the same way in the body (from a toxicity standpoint) as preformed vitamin A, and therefore will not contribute to the level of preformed vitamin A retained in your body.

    Vitamin A is required for growth, for cellular differentiation, and for the normal development of fetuses. Signs of toxicity usually appear only after sustained daily intakes exceeding 50,000 IU in adults. These doses are more than 10 times higher than the RDA and usually cannot be obtained from foods, except by the ingesting large amounts of liver or fish liver oils which are especially rich in vitamin A. Notice how much vitamin A is in your supplement, and if that is not more than 100% of the RDA, and if you are not eating lots of liver and fish oil, than you can rest assured that you are not overdosing on Vitamin A.'

    I took my normal multi vitamin to the doc when I was PG and she said it was perfectly fine to take as it had the correct amount of everything in it inc. folic acid (the vit A in it was only 3500iu) - that was mine though and I would check your's with your doc. to make sure they are happy for you to take it. I have seen various pre conception vitamins, I am not sure really how legit they are though, but I know they say take your folic acid before and during. Fertilaid is one I have seen for men and women, I haven't tried it myself though. I am guessing a good healthy diet and taking a mulit vit. would go along way to help!
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