Testing too early

Hi Girls,
Af due Sunday and i am like clock work - even down to the hour !!
I am finding it hard waiting but i know that i should.
IF.... I did test now what are the chances of it being a guaranteed result?
Thanks x x


  • It would depend on when in your cycle you ovulate... say your egg was released at day 14 of your cycle, you could test five days before your period is due, and be able to get an accurate-ish result if your implantation happened within three or so days...

    But, if you don't know when you ovulated, and you have a short luteal phase (ie the time between ovulation and AF in your normal cycle), you'd need to wait longer. Imagine if you release an egg on day 18 of your cycle; and then it takes eight days to implant - you wouldn't show up as pregnant until a couple of days after AF is due.

    So, if you're sure when you ov-ed, life is simple and you could tell when to test... if not, who knows?!

    Sorry if that's no help! x
  • SB - don't you send someone else onto the path of poas-mania! Once you start, it is impossible to stop....
  • hehehe me too i got my bfp at 8dpo, go for it, you'll only wonder why you didnt. BFNs do hurt but so does not knowing i found.
    Filo x
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