Today or Tomorrow???????????

I wouldn't be able to wait lol!! I'd have to test now!! Haha. Good luck x


  • I wouldn't be able to wait lol!! I'd have to test now!! Haha. Good luck x
  • Hi all, my AF due today and no sign of the witch.................. Just bought some SD tests. Big question should I test today depite it will not be FMU or should I wait until the morning, or should I do both?

    I did a CB test on Monday and got a BFNimage, although people have told me that the CB tests are not very sensitive......................... Oh what should I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:\?
  • hehe kelly, lol really u should wiat til 2moro with fmu if u can, but as kelly says i would be too excited and test now..... but u should try wait til 2moro. if u can lol xxxxx
  • Dont think I can wait...... I will probably test today, can always test again if still no sign of AF. Thanks for the reply x
  • hey 3054 - i am late too! you posted in my other thread....i have been testing with FMU with SD tests, but it does say you can test anytime. maybe just try not to drink or wee for a few hours? then it will concentrate it a bit more?! let us know!!!!
  • 3054 - have you tested yet?! dying to find out!!!! fingers crossed so hard for you (and me!!!) xxxx
  • and me! im in supsense!
  • Ohhh have you tested?!

    Seen as AF is due today it probably wouldn't matter if it's not fmu.

    Good Luck
  • I've been following this all morning! I'm really tense (for you ) as to what the outcome is. GL Munk also
  • Have you tested?? I need to know lol!! x
  • eeep! i think we all want to know! got my fingers crossed so hard for you - but dont blame you if you're waiting till the morning. i know how expensive tests can be! i just bought a CB digi and want to use it tomorrow, but know i should wait till friday as i tested with SD this morning and not even an incling of a line image
    thanks for the GL hayulz!!!! xx
  • Well, I'm off home now - no internet there image( so hopefully when I get 2 work tomorrow I will see one or 2 BFP's posts!

    GL Ladies

  • awwww so sorry hun, good luck for 2moro its not over yet image liking the idea of the relaxed approach, thats what we r gonna do this month too image hugs xxxxxx
  • I really wouldn't be able to wait!!

    Let us all kno, my fingers r tightly crossed for u!! xxx
  • Sorry girls was a BFN!!!!!! I know it's not fmu but with AF due today there would have been something if I was pg! Will do another in the morning if no AF. Not holding out any hope though..... I was upset as thought we had done it! But ok now... Just have to wait fir the witch and start again.

    Going for a much more relaxed approach next month no ov testing no nothing I want ttc to be fun again!!!! Not the stressful mess it has been this month, which is probably why AF is late!!!!

    Sorry for the bad news. Munk how did you get on?
  • Mrs me I am going to start a relaxed ttc post when AF arrives. Baby making really should be more fun and less stressful x
  • good good image ur totally right : its so hard not to get sucked up in it when u want it so much! x
  • Do you have any other children or is this number one? This will be our first we had a mc in feb so want this more than ever. We put ttc on hold for twelve months due to work and now I am 33 and feel like time is passing me by..... Really want a baby but am determined to enjoy it x
  • awwwww im so sorry sweetie! yeah u make sure u enjoy it, and im sure the more u relax the sooner it will happen image u will get ur well deserved sticky bfp soon image we r ttc no1, been trying 6 months, just got married 2 months ago, and im 21 *yong and fertile* my bum! lmao xxx
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