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Hi, I saw your post on the weightloss thread and I wonder if I could ask something about slimming world. I have looked at it online and am trying to decide whether to join that or ww online. I am drinking about 800mls skimmed milk at the moment and want to continue but I dont know if this amount would seriously affect the amount of other syn or treat food I was allowed.I cant find anything online and dont want to pay to join and then find out that I'm going to find it hard to stick to because of this.
I hope you dont mind me asking. Thankyou.Helen.xxx


  • Hi,

    It would eat into your syns. You can have if I remember rightly 250ml of s/s milk - slightly more if skimmed and less if whole, as part of your heathly extra a (you can have 2 of these) but then you would need to make the rest of it up from your syns. If you didn't eat cheese and could live on 500ml a day then it could work - or use 15 syns instead of 10. Does that help... Slimming world is an excellent plan and it's worked for me on a number of occasions. How much do want to lose? I'm doing the diet doctors book at the moment and have lost 2lb in 5 days just from being sensible (still early days) - Otherwise what about becoming my diet buddy and we spur each other on and write a food diary etc... (plus it'll save money for baby stuff) xx
  • Thanks for your reply. I think slimming world is out then as I really want the calcium from the milk. So I will take you up on your offer to become diet buddies(think I am with MrsBammy as well- but the more the merrier!!) I shall start weightwatchers without joining on monday. I am 14stone 7 so I have loads to loose but will aim for 10% for the moment. I want to be able to carry on either losing or staying the same if I manage to get pg as I am so overweight that it will increase my risks of getting pre eclampsia again.
    How much are you wanting to lose?
    Can I just ask you how you got the photo of your lo's on(they are adorable)? I tried last night but it was too big and I have no idea how to reduce it.
    Hope you have a good weekend.
  • Diet buddies we are - are you on facebook - it's hard putting names to faces etc... We should start a private group on their for weight loss. I need to lose at least 2 stone I'm 11st 8lb (as of today - wayhey) but only 5ft 3 - so I look like a butterball!
    If you edit your photo down to the size they ask you in pixels you can save it and upload it (thanks for the compliment - they are monsters) xx
  • I'm only 5'4!!!
    I'm not on facebook but could join I suppose if someone tells me how!(I'm not very technical)!
    Thanks,I'll try to reduce a photo of my lo to put on here.
  • Click on your photo and your workshop should open up. Otherwise email it me and I'll crop it for you and send it back. Facebook is very similar to signing up to this. Just make sure you limit your profile x
  • Thankyou I'll try the photo tonight-think I know what to do. Have just started to join facebook. Got to go pick lo up from grandmas now.xx
  • Feeling pleased with myself. Had milky coffee(skimmed milk)banana &grapefruit juice for breakfast. 2 slices dry wholemeal toast and 1/2 tin beans for dinner.1 tiny M&S chocolate cornflake cake(only one bite) cos I needed some painkillers for af!!Had tea at mums did have roast potatoes but less than usual and no pudding. 1/2 plate was veges. If I can resist everything else and just have a mug of milk for my supper I'll be really chuffed with myself. Think putting this on here will be good for me!! I fully expect tomorrow to be a disaster though!
    Have looked and I can have 24 points a day until I get below 14 stone. My milk will only use 3 points a day.
    How has your day been?
  • Well done you!! I think putting it out there for every one to see can only benfit us.
    Nt a bad day yesterday. I had 2 weetabixs and banana, lunch was baked swet potato with lettuce, cucmber, tomato, beetroot and a handful of prawns in salad cream, I had 1/2 punnet of cherries and tea was a bowl of rice and chilli con carne with 1 slice of wholemeal bread and butter (Sneakily topped with cheese becaus it was really hot). So quite pleased with that one. Also mowed both lawns and did some gardening so quite active too.

    Hoping to go up to our local lake today either cycling or hire a canoe or something to go out on the lake. But we aremeant to be having a stew and it's quite lovely today!!:lol:
  • I ate loads!!!!Unfortunately there was loads left-sent some home with my mum and eating up today so will start properly tomorrow. I can get weighed at work tomorrow too so I know what my starting weight is(do I really want to know?)!
    Hope you have agood day today.xx
  • Am starving this afternoon - saving myself for salmon and pasta with peas, courgettes and prawns and a big bowl of fruit and yoghurt for afters. Been really good again though. Someone in work brought in chocolate cake and I didn't have one.xx

    Also been to see about the 6 week empowerment programme at my local gym ansd quite impressed going back tomorrow with some others xx
  • Exercise is my big stumbling block, although I am fairly active in general. I shall hunt out some of my old exercise videos and try to do one at least 3 times a week for a start. I'm at work tomorrow so if I dont take my purse I shall have to eat what I take for breakfast and lunch- fruit and salad hopefully. We'll be having some sort of pasta for tea(lo loves spaghetti) and I shall have a smaller portion and plenty of salad with it.
    Well done for resisting that chocolate cake!!xxx
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