Could this be the beginning of ovulation?

Im on month 4 of trying to concieve. This morning I got up and felt like I was getting af symptons. achy boobs cramp like feelings etc Im due to ovulate on wednesday think im cd 12
This is the first month this has happened and hubby has even commented that im very pmt

Do you think this is ovulation? has anyone else had these symptons before ovulation

Hope everyone is ok

Sending baby dust to everyone xx


  • I think some people do get those symptoms before ovulation.

    Are you temping at all? - What is your cervical fluid like?
  • It sounds like it could be - you tend to get symptoms a day or two before you actually OV - so get BD!!
  • Im not temping yet . Cervical fluid is thick creamy and very sticky sorry if tmi

    we are doing plenty of bedding I just have never experienced these symptoms before

  • Hiya hun, it sounds like you could ov in a few days maybe? Keep an eye on your cervical fluid when it gets clear and stretchy you are most fertile image
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