dont know what to think

i've missed my period more than 2 weeks
been feeling sick on and off, have had some spotting twice in only one day very small
and been moody and emotional with some discharge

Am i giving my hopes up?

I did 2 pregnancy tests and came negative


  • don't give up, its not over till witch arrives. lots of mums don't get +test for quite a while. keep my fingers crossed for you.
  • hiya, yes i agree with mrsclaretweeze, dont give up, i didnt get a bfp with my 9 yr old until i was nearly 3months gone!! and it is never over until the witch arrives so hang in there fingers crossed for you xx
  • I can only reiterate what the others said! It is not over yet so you could be PG looking at your signs. When have you tested?
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