Whats everyone story??

I came off the pill aug 07 fell pregnant straight away had a mmc in nov 07 then got told i had a cyst on a ovary then in feb 08 fell pregnant again but period came 9 days lata.I had to stop trying to have cyst removed but had to have ovary taken away aswell as the cyst had damaged the ovar.We started trying again last month and have fallen again,we bd every other day and did ovulation tests,i was also taking folic acid and a baby aspirin every day.My consultant told me to take the baby aspirin (75mg) once every day.
What everyone elses story so far??



  • I came off the pill in April and got a BFN in May. Have been having acupuncture to help clear being on the pill and to boost fertility. If have worked it out right I am due to ov this weekend so we are going to try and make the most of the bank holiday. Have been taking pronatal and omega 3 and hubbie has been taking a multivitamin too (when he remembers image )

    So sorry to hear about your mmc and other problems lillymc - glad to hear that you have fallen again, did you start taking the baby aspirin before or after you got pg this time? and how does it help if you don't mind me asking?
  • I came off the pill in Nov 07 and got pg straight away. that ended with a mmc in feb and am now on month 4 of trying again. Am taking folic acid and measuring temp and cm every day.
  • i found out i was pregnant in jan went on to have a mc in march at 17 weeks!!! waited for my next af and have been trying for 2 months... visited a site called babycentre.com if u go on ov calculater and put in ur last month cycle it tells u ur best days of ov and due date if u get ur bfp!!! wel il c if it works this month anythings worth a shot!!! xx
  • Hi,
    i came off pill in Sept, only one af since then which was in March after two lots of blood tests doc finally decided to refer me to gyneacologist as it turns out i'm not ovulating and i go there in 20 DAYS. So excited as i'm finally getting somewhere. YIPEEE.
  • Hi, I had my Implanon implant taken out of Friday after having it in for 17 months, and being on depo injecions for about 8 years before that. Hoping that everything gets back to normal fairly soon as i havn't had af for about 6 years. Fingers crossed, and toes and eyes and whatever else i can find.
  • Hi sorry to hear about all the loses.MrsRoss i was told to take the aspirin while i was trying and to stop as soon as i new i was pregnant.its meant to fine the blood and help motivate the ovaries.xxx
  • We are on month 2 ttc after getting married in March. Only used condoms before so I have nothing to clear my system. If I am perfectly honest if H was not so keen I would probably wait a bit longer. I am ready for a baby but SOOOO not ready for the whole pregnancy and labour thing, I would happily "rent a womb!". I just keep telling myself it will be worth it and it won't be that bad. AF due 29th and until Wednesday had no symptoms of anything, then feinted at work, have been wobbly since and feeling sick in the evenings. Have also had really bad period pains so I am trying not to get my hopes up. This morning I had light brown discharge and a tiny bit of blood so maybe implant bleeding? ... can hope at least.

    Sorry to hear of all the sad stories above. Can't imagine what you must be going through. Hope we all get our little bundles soon! x
  • I have a dd who was 3 in january. She was born 8 weeks early by cs due to me developing pre eclampsia.
    I am single and will be 40 this year!! but really want another child so I have found a donor and am doing diy artificial insemination. This means I have one chance each month, so long as both of us are available at ov time. Luckily I feel ov and its always(apart from the odd missing one!)d12-14 so I am hopeful that eventually I will get pregnant!!
    I too am sorry to hear of all the stories of losses. I was lucky with the excellent care that I received with my lo, it could easily have been a different story and if I do manage to concieve it will be a high risk, very monitored pregnancy. But that has to be worth what you get at the end of it.
    Good luck to everyone!!!
  • Came off the pill in October after being on it for 8 months. Before that I wasn't on the pill for a couple of years and before that was on Microgynon 30 for a few years. Am 38 now (wa 37 when I came off pill) and so very old to be trying for my first.

    Have had the blood tests and all came back ok apart from 21 day test but I think they did it on the wrong day as my cycles are really short (23/4 days) but also wonder if that month I didn't ovulate because I got no positive OPKs. Have now got a fertility monitor and can tell I am ovulating. Am slightly worried about my age but want my OH to get tests too so we can see if there's anything wrong.

    I'm having a scan for an unrelated thing this Tuesday, hopefully they will be able to have a look at what's going on.

    My periods were quite heavy and long but now they seem to have gone to 5-6 days and are not at all painful.

    Good luck everyone!
  • i came off pill 2 years ago (wanted to get it out of my system), got married last year and started ttc in jan this year for our first baby. got bfp on month 3 but mmc diagnosed last week when i should have been 11 weeks, had ERPC so am waiting for my body to heal.
    i want to start trying again asap but will probably wait a cycle, we'll see. we're determined to have a perfect little sticky bean next time round and even DH is reading up on what he can do to help his little swimmers bless him.
    we're hoping for BFP near our wedding anniversary so fingers crossed.
    you can all have my PMA this month and i hope you get your BFPs soon image xxxxxxxx
  • I met my OH summer 03 and started dating oct 03 then engaged nov 03! We had our engagement party in may 04 and planned to get married by 2006. I found out I was pg may 05 and gave birth to my daughter 21st Jan 06, she was 7days over due. Had the mirena coil put in 3 months later. I had the coil removed in sept 07 then started trying properly nov 07. Still no luck, I take pregnacare every day. This cycle I took EPO before ov and we have BD on cd 7, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 19, 21, 23 and currently on 1ww.
    If no luck this month will do the same next month but BD every day if possible.
    We really want to get married but like to have our children first. I think having our children 3yrs apart is perfect for us as toddlers are hard work and atm I can concentrate on daughter x x x x x

    Good luck everyone.............................
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