I gave in and now im so very confused

Ok so I gave in a used one of my cheapo ebay pg tests today and now i am really confused i followed all the instructions and when i looked at the stick there was one clear pink line put underneath it was a very pink dot !!
But thats all just a dot not another pink line to suggest BFP but a very pink dot.
I have never heard of this before so i think the test is invalid but i just dnt understand why this pink dot as clear as the line on its own has showed up.
Any ideas girls ???


  • hiya, thats so weird! im confused too! do u have a pic? xxxxx how big was the dot? was it as dark as the control line?
  • Hiya yes its as clear and as dark as the control line i have just googled it and there are a few ppl who have posted the same question as me some are saying that they tested a week later and it was a BFP so they think that maybe there HCG levels were not strong enough at the time arhhh so confused lol I dnt have a clue how to put pics up hun im hopeless like that i think maybe i need to wait a little longer i have tested way too early anyway but you know what its like when you just cant help yourself lol x
  • eeeeeeeeeek! thats so exciting! how many dpo are you? xxxxx
  • Oooo I've never heard of a pink dot! How exciting, could you get a fr and test tomo with fmu? Xx
  • hahaha! i just had a thought, u got a BF.....D! lol xxxxx
  • Thats the thing i only came off my pill four weeks ago before that i kept forgetting to take them so i havent even had a true af yet im no good with all this monitoring stuff lol
    I really should not have taken the test because the plan was wait for af then after that go with the flow but i just cudnt resist and just took one anyway and now i really wish i hadnt because of this dot thing going on lol.
    Oh gosh only this could happen to me im sure im not pregnant because i havent even had my true af yet.
    Rite note to self DO NOT TEST UNTIL I AM SURE lol xx
  • Oooo Im scared lol online there are so many different opinions like its invalid or not enough HCG yet or its a dud test i keep looking at it to see if i can see a second faint line but theres only that big pink dot looking back at me hmmm strange x
  • Thanks hun just going to wait a little while now see what happens xx
  • have you got another cheapie to compare?
  • have you got another cheapie to compare?

    Yes got 9 of the buggers left think il wait until in the morning and give it another go xx:lol:
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