First month TTC and already frustrated!

Hi girls,

this is our first month ttc since stopping the pill on 4th Nov - had withdrawal bleed for 5/6 days...have been bding eveyother day since and really keep tinking im preggers!
Am i just being totally ridiculous?! had crampy pains last week and was so close to blurting out 'i'm pregnant' when a friend told us we couldn't visit as her little one had chix pox - why??
and had a really jealous dream that my bro's girlfriend had a little boy and my mum was spoiling it told my hubby and he said just take a test...bought the tesco cheapies (double pack) and obviously and yesterday non stop weeing...took another test and again BFN!!

these are the only 'symptoms' I it possible that I am or is my mind playing horrible tricks on me?
how soon can a test pick up that you are preggers?

also went docs and explained that i had come off the pill and were ttc and she was so rude and miserable and asked what advice i could need apart from having more intercourse?!!?!?!? cow!! ...have been taking folic acid since stopping pill anyway

sorry for long post girls...rant over! hope some of you can help - or be totally honest and tell me I'm being an idiot and bloddy well wait cos it will happen when it happens (hopefully!!) xx


  • I can relate to you, its our first month of ttc aswell. I didn;t think for a second that we'd do it in month one so I wasn't expecting to feel any symptoms but now that I have them I am thinking I could be pg? But am now 3 days late and got a BFN yesterday so maybe its all in my head! To be honest, if I'm not pg it won't be the end of the world as its only month one but its the not knowing thats worst! grrr! xx
  • I'm going a tad crazy over here!! 1st month TTC and I can't stop thinking about it.
    For example......right now I should be working on a uni assignment but I'm here!!! Grrrrr!
    Hopefully our BFP's won't be too long coming xxx
  • thanks girls...nice to know i'm not alone! Although didn't really want to get into all this testing malarky until I was late with AF...least now I've used the two sticks I had so no ore testing can be done...for now! x
  • Ha ha I know exactly how you feel, I took my last pill on Sun 1st Nov and had my withdrawl bleed on 5th Nov, have been BD all month, every day around OV and I have sore boobs (nothing like I have had before, they feel bruised and stingy) and have had slight nausea but I am trying to persuade myself that is is a symptom of coming off the pill and not a pg symptom as the waiting is driving me mad. AF is due next Thurs and I am holding off testing till the following Sat if it has not arrived. Lets hope the wait goes quick for us all image
  • I would have to agree. I came off my injection Nov 08, waited 9 months for AF to come along, and this is our first month of actively TTC whereas for the last couple of months we have been waiting for nature to do it on its own - but im too impatient lol!!!! Ive had terrible cramping, but not ov'd yet, AF not due until 10th have ages to go yet. So gonna keep BDing every day until Sat and then we will see - I should have OV'd by then!!! lol. Good luck ladies xx
  • I'm the same!! I'm only 2dpo (first month ttc) and I'm already analysing every twinge!!
    Just noticed we came off the pill on the same day as well image
    Fingers crossed we don't have to go through this torture for to long!! xx
  • are you girls 'doing it' everyday?! my hubby won't allow it! Lol! He insists on every other day...apparetly he watched embarrasing bodies and dr jenson said that 'doing it' everyday can lower your sperm count...???? what do you know, suddenly his full of know-it-all facts!

    I wanna do it everydaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy, just in case!!!
  • Babyhughes - Hubby has a point! I
    People do get pregnant having sex everyday though. Guess it depends on the individual how long it takes for him to restock! :lol:
  • He he! Hopefully the zinc he's taking will help with that one!
  • hi everyonr i'm another one in the same boat, i'm on day 6 of my 2nd cycle ttc and the wait for af was so frustrating! didn't help that i had a random 37 day cycle. i'm feeling quite positive about this month though (so far), i mean, i wasn't really expecting to get pregnant the first month - 2nd time round is much more likely!
  • PS i know thats's not actually how it works - can't help thinking it anyway though! x
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