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Hey ladies,

A quick question...

I had my first AF on 4th Nov which lasted 4 days after coming off the pill at the end of Sept 09. Been on it for 10 years and it stopped my periods completely. I am now on CD13, and because I don't know my cycle length, I'm not sure when I'm going to be ov'ing. I've been poas for the last couple of days, and I've been charting my BBT since the beginning of my cycle to try and help me identify 'the signs' lol, but no positive signs that OV is on it's way.

Have any of you ladies been in this situation - if so, what did you do? When did you OV?

I'm starting to worry that my body isn't going to function properly after all those years on the pill.



  • Hi Donnat2004!!

    I can't give you loads of advice as I am in a similar situation but maybe I can help a bit!! I am in my first month after coming off the pill but I have been charting my temps etc. Firstly, through a lot of googling I have learnt that ovulation up till CD21 is considered 'normal' so don't worry, you're still absolutely in the normal boundaries. I'm on CD18 myself and my temp has shown that I haven't OVd yet - but today I started getting ewcm so I'm expecting it to happen in the next couple of days, fingers crossed!!! Judging by what you said about your first cycle after you came off the pill it looks like it was over 30 days, is that right? If so then I imagine you would have OVd around the 20dpo mark, so I would give it another few days at least before you start to worry. Even then, I have read lots of girls on here that Ovd in the mid20dpo and even 30dpo when they first came off the pill as their cycles were still settling down, so don't worry for a while yet, just let your body get back into a natural cycle. I'm sure it will happen soon : )

    Hope that has been some help, sorry I don't have a definite answer for you!!.x.
  • Thanks trixie85, that's been reassuring! Yes, my af didn't show up until 36 days I stopped my pill so I guess I'll sit tight. I must admit I've noticed a change in my CM today - it's not like eggwhite, but definitely of a thicker consistency than the last few days.
    Fingers crossed for you too, bay dust all the way, x
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