no sign of af yet

Well no sign of Af yet. . That's really good for me. . No period pains. . No nothing. . Due on wed. Lets hope
she stays away!. . Really hope so he he X not much back ache either Woohoo!
Fingers crossed x am now off to pack as moving next weekend yippee! X X


  • good luck!!!!
  • thanks girls. Not done no more tests now. Am waiting to see if It Af comes. I really hope for this month! X X
  • well Im feeling bit sick this afternoon. . And my husband normally has a few drinks Sunday and was sitting next to him and said how many drinks you had? He said only one! . . I said but the smell was awful like. Stale beer from night before. . He Said bloody he'll are you pregnant or something, lol. Was horrible smell.. Hope that's a good thing! X X
  • Fingers crossed for you. Sounds promising.
    Baby dust ::::::::
  • i really think am out. . Got few Af light pains and back ache now. Boo ha ha. O well. . Really can't see this month being bfp for me. Well at least i can celebrate my husband birthday properly lol. X X
  • Booey! PMA! You are not out til big fat AF arrives singing!
  • ha ha that made me laugh lol. . I no. . She really not wanted i can tell ya but part of me wants to try my new cbfm lol X X sad or what would much prefer the other though pma god dam Booey lol X
  • Well all clear this am lol. . Husband think my smelling sense is working overtime. . Was in bed this am and said have you been smoking in the invidious? Was so strong smelt straight away! When he was down stairs. He came upstairs was like was in garden with door shut lol Was like oh ok ha ha. . Am hoping could be sign could be? X X or just way too much symptom spotting lol. Good luck everyone x X
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