What do you think? 6 DPO... I think?

Hi there ladies,

I am seriously confused and wondered if any of you had experienced this:\? or could offer any thoughts, advice...

I have an average 26 day cycle (although my last cycle was 28 days)

On CD11 i did the BD

On CD15 i started spotting brown cm this continued on to CD16

On CD17 the spotting turned a watery red/pink colour

CD18 and CD19 (today) it's back to brown

Sometimes it's only on the TP, sometimes there's more but it's never been like a period.

Any suggestions? Ovulation bleeding? Implantation bleeding? Both?

Just to add, my nipples are very sore and have been since last night. Usually at this point in my cycle i have tender bbs (more on the sides) but this time my nipples are the only things that are sore. I am also very tired and feel like my throat is a little swollen and scratchy.

Thank you.


  • Hi hun

    It would be too early for implantation to occur earlier than 6dpo as normally its from 6-12 dpo when you would get symptoms normally no bleeding or anything on days 1-5.

    Is it possible you could have ov earlier and be further on than you think??

  • Thanks Sparkling Diamond (great user name!)

    It is possible that i o'd earlier than i think as i am not charting. I am only guessing at 6DPO from what i have read about 'normal' cycles.
    In fact, after a few months of ttc we decided not to try as such this month as we were getting stressed out with it all.
    The only reason i am looking for answers is because of this spotting (which i've never had before) and the sore nipples instead of my usual sore bbs. Just wondered if it was a sign of pregnancy or something not so good.

  • I think it very well could be you could always wait a few days and do a test but use a cheapie then that way if its BFN for now you wont be gutted and wasting too many tests.

    Good luck xx
  • Thanks hun.

    Even though we are not strictly ttc this month, it would still be very welcome if we got a bfp. Fingers crossed.


  • Fingers crossed for u hun

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