EWCM - when will I ovulate?

Just wondering as the whole EWCM thing is really confussing me! I thought that when you had EWCM it means you're ovulating but i've read a few posts on here that suggest you ovulate a few days later. Just wanted to check - I'm on CD13 and had EWCM yesterday and today. Last month I ovulated on CD15 so I guess that makes sense?

Thank you xo :\)


  • Hey I had lots of EWCM on 2nd & 3rd April, had a pos opk on the 4th so actually ov on the 5th which was CD 20 for me.
    Got my BFP yesterday and today.
    Have you tried OPK's??
    This is my 1st month and they obviously worked a treat for me.xx

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  • Thanks gemma and a huge congrats on your BFP!!!! I'm using clear blue OPK at the minute...the one that gives the smiley. Can I ask...did you BD on the 4th and 5th? Not sure what to do for the best as I don't want hubbyt to get too exhausted. So far we have BD CD10 and 12 and plan to keep going every other day but don't know what to do when I actually ovulate?!? xo
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