sexes and baby names

i expect theres been hundreds of these posts.

But when we all get our BFP, will you be finding out the sex? and what are your name?

I will be finding out, me and hubby have always said we would and chose a name before the birth so we know who we're talking too.
I love danny for a boy and Lillie for a girl but we change our minds all the time, so that might change image


  • hi, we would have to find out as the suspense would be too much! its Hope for a girl and Luke for a boy xxx
  • I'm thinking that I won't want to find out, I want a surprise and I think if I did know I would probably let it slip to others and I really wouldn't want them to know.

    We only have a girls name so far, we both like Rebecca but there's plenty time for that to change!!
  • Think we might keep it as a surprise.
    For a girl maybe Beatrice, I also like Lily and Hessa.
    For a boy I like Xavier, Isaac or Joseph.
  • We will definatelyt want to find out to get all the right baby stuff!

    For a boy - Logan
    For a girl - Niamh (pronounced Nieve)

  • i found out with my DS but this time around were going to keep it secret,now i no what im in for lol

    i would love a little girl but only because my family is full of boys even hoping for a red head haha small order me thinks haha....

    i have a few names also but i keep seeing others image
  • loving the names, i'm hoping for a little boy as we have 3 neices so he would be the first granson but as long as its healthy and happy i don't mind. My sister in law found out with her last and kept it a seccret from the in laws as they didn't want to no. It sold me on finding out because we all knew her before she even arrived, but it was her second and she need to no whether to sell or recycle the stuff for her first daughter. But we won't be keeping it secret, mainly because i'm rubbish at secrets and i hate suprises, i'm so excited, i'm trying to imagine what it would be like to get a bfp but it seems so far off at the moment
  • We used to say that we'd find out, but now that we're actually ttc and a couple of our friends have had babies and not found out, we've changed our minds and are likely to just wait and see. But I guess that could all change when it happens eh?!
    We were chatting about names last night, and seem to have a couple for a girl, but only agreed on one for a boy! I am thinking that when we get that bfp, we'll need a baby name book...
  • Snugglenush

    We have same baby name lol, had my heart set on logan for a while now oh loves it too after wolverine on X-MEN would you believe!!

    Also really like Ethan for a boy.

    Girls - I have a list a mile long - Holly, Darcy, Gracie, Olivia, Sophia, Maddison, Aisla, Amelia, Molly - I really would love a little girl as we have 4 nephews between us but ideally I would like to have 2 kids - one of each!!

    Either way it doesnt matter as long as they are happy and healthy.

  • Hi

    I want to know the sex when we get our bfp, but hubby doesn't!

    Boys - Ethan, Nathaniel, Sebastian
    Girls - Phoebe, Erin, Niamh, Meghan, Imogen, Poppy, Amelia - the list goes on!

    BUT hubby said that he gets to choose if its a girl and I get to choose if its a boy! lol! xxx
  • Cass82 - we have good taste chick I really like Ethan its not commonly known where I live and I am more drawn to Amelia by the day too.

    I get to choose if its a girl or a boy cos so far hubby has came up with leroy and tyrone for a boy and Skye for a girl which I do like Skye by the way but dont like this boys names.

  • Tee hee, we really do! Skye is nice, but I know what you mean about the boys names, best you choose! lol! xxx
  • we didnt find out with our little girl and i think we would keep it a secret again. i wouldnt mind a little boy as we already have a little girl but to be honest i just want another baby dont care what it

    names i like amber, ruby and grace for girl and thomas for a boy. not sure if i will be allowed any of they names coz hubby doesnt like any of them.lolxxx
  • Oh your girls names are lovely angel, although I work with a Grace and she is a spoilt madam! lol! xxx
  • Wow Canada your a long way away hun, yeh i meant Isla hun as in Isla Fisher Ive got to say though I really like Amelia and Holly our surname is brown so would be thinking of a middle name to go with the first names.

  • Hi forgot to say dont think we will find out nice to have a surprise but then the planner/control freak inside me is thinking pink or blue and I would wanna buy the right things but if we find out we will end up telling everyone and naming the baby and then there will be no surprise.

    Am just no good at surprises and lying to people, i told most people close to me everything about my wedding apart from what my cake was like, kept the scottish piper a surprise but I had told most details and described my dress etc!!

  • Hiya
    When we get our BFP we will definately be finding out! We wonr be going mad and painting all blue for a boy and pink for a girl but would help us choose some nice bits before hand.

    Girls Names - Phoebe, Meg
    Boys Names - Liam, Rhys
    Im sure this list will change as it has just in 6months ttc!
  • Hi, yea we will be finding out as well, I have no patience at all!! :lol:

    We have for a boy Tyler Jake and for a girl Hollie, we go through phases of liking other names but that's the 2 we always go back to x
  • We will be having a surprise. We did with Lily and it was so special when hubby told me it was a girl. Lucky too as we had no boys names picked out! In fact we have no boys names again for when we get BFP this time.

  • we found out with dd and im such an impatient person not knowing might send me insane.

    i want to get a 4d sexing scan at 16 weeks and then be able to buy coloured things including pushchair etc xx
  • We're definately going to find out, I don't think I could hold out not knowing! Plus it means we would only argue over one set of names!

    For a girl I think we're pretty much settled on Stella (DH's choice) or Rosheen (my choice) but I also love Aurelia and Ava. Boys...the ones I like that DH thinks are 'tolerable' are Archie and Dexter.
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