I dont think I'm even going to bother poas this month :-(

Hi Ladies,

I've not posted in a while (or at least it feels like it).

Im on cd29 (No idea how long cycle is as last three were 34,35,50).

But we have only bd'd 4 times (tmi sorry) this month due to hubbys working commitments and us both having a sickness bug!

We bd'd day 6,12,17,27 - Shocking I know!

I did however take AC from cd7-15 in hope to shorten my cycle.

So I dont see the point in wasting the tests, what do you think?

Em x


  • Hey Em, do you know when you ov'd? Spermies can hang around for up to 5 days so there's still a chance if you've ov'd already that it caught. It's also possible that you haven't even ov'd yet given that your last cycle was a long one. Sending loads of PMA to you xx
  • Don't give up hope yet Em, it could still happen!! I will keep my fingers tightly crossed for you xx
  • I have know idea when I ov'd to be honest (i have got ov sticks to use, but didn't this month as knew hubby was working away), so at a rough guess ithink i might of ov'd only due to fact i think i had ov pain cd21 ish... so if the spermies from cd17 made it you never know...?!
  • that was me last month only managed it a few times unfortunately didnt happen for me, i didnt poas didnt want the heartbreak of another bfn, but go for it you never know good luck hope you get your bfp xxx
  • Bugger.....

    I poas and its a bfn but only cd30 and my shortest was 34! So not sure what i was expecting? I think a bloody miracle! I have promised myself now not to poas. x
  • ahh never mind hun you never know you may still get that special bfp try to hold out 5 more days good luck let me know how you get onxxx
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