V V V faint line - PLEASE help

Well, after thinking I hadn't ov I did a hpk this morning as today would be 14 days after ov and my nipples have been killing me so thought I might as well. Well, there is a faint line. Am not imagining it - hubby says it's quite obviously there. But it's v v v faint and pinky. Did hpk on Fri and there was nothing at all. (I know - slap me! I'm naughty)
So - what does this mean? Am convincing myself it could be some kind of faint line that normally comes cos that's where the result strip is and that it's normal. But I soooo want it to be real. What do you think? Trying not to get my hopes up in case it's nothing but can you get a line - even v v faint if you aren't pg?? How faint can faint be for it to count?!!

Going to test again tomor. First time ever I REALLY want the weekend to be over so I can test again!! xxx

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  • Sounds exciting .... keep us updated really hoping the line is darker tomorrow!
  • It sounds positive to me but im sure you wont believe it till youve tested again and got a stronger line, good luck xx
  • OMG - I so hope it is BFP. Hubby is trying really hard to not show he's excited as he doesn't want me to be upset if it's nothing but I can see his eyes are sparkling and he just told me I need to take care of myself...!

    Nipples hurt sooo much and on closer examination (!) the areola (?) is all swollen. Am also also convinced my boobs feel heavier.
    Going to buy digi hpk later and do that one tomor if there is still line on the cheapie ones I got from Ebay.

    I tried to post a photo of the test result but can't get it to work... image

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  • Thats exactly what happened to me. I got a very very faint line on an ebay cheapie and was worried it was a dodgy batch. I couldnt wait another day to test and all the girls persuaded me to do the CBD that i had in my drawer waiting for that special occasion. Went and did it and it popped up pregnant almost straight away.
    Sounds positive to me.xxxxxxxxx
  • Oh im so excited for you keep us posted.

    jen xx
  • Hi Baby B.

    There is such a thing as an evap line, which is really faint.

    Definitely do another test, a bit closer to when you're due af.

    All sounds really positive though. Hope you get your bfp.

    Sending lots of baby dust. xx


  • Test again!! The more tests the better I say! Try CB digital more reliable. Fingers crossed for you xxxxxxx
  • gd luck sounds positive but try a clearblue x x
  • This is what happened to me too! I whipped round to Morrisons for a Clear Blue Digital ......... BFP!!!!!
    Good Luck xx
  • Have just bought 2 CDB's from Sainsburies. Hubby thinks I should wait until tomor morning though.

    What do I do? Do I waste a CBD and test now? Will I get a neg as it isn't FMU?? Or should I just risk it anyway? Will I be setting myself up for a fall. But then what if it comes up BFP....

  • Digitals don't need FMU, I'm told they are sensitive to not need it....? xx
  • Hi Ya,
    Just read your thread and thought I'd say a line is a line and the CBD will be pos xxxx
  • Test!
    Good luck!!! xxx
  • Hi Baby B. I see you arent logged on to this site but just wondering if you have tested with CBD?!? Lisa xx
  • crossing fingers and toes for you x
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