Never thought i'd say this - wish my af would just arrive !!

I'm getting so frustrated and this is only month 1 of ttc number 2 !!

I'm 11dpo and just feel like the witch is on her way ! Been having all sorts of funny feelings which although can be pg symptoms can and more likely are af symptoms.

Been spotting on and off almost daily since 5dpo, dizzy, tired, stuffy, headache, limbs feeling real heavy, a bit of nausea, small bit of cramping.

Today the spotting is swapping from bright red to brown, but almost a week on i'm sure its not implantation now. Ive had 5 bfns, and refuse to waste my last remaining hpt which is a fr. Reckon the witch is gonna have me by monday so if I can i'm just gonna wait for her to show. I'll be cd36, 16dpo by then if she doesnt arrive first.

I'm just driving myself bonkers, every day I say that i'm not gonna obsess and i'm not gonna poas and i'm not even gonna check my dates or come on BE but every day I do !!


  • Know how u feel hun!
    I just wish it was easy as 1st time round, what a doddle that was! Came off pill, 4 weeks later i was 4 weeks preg! easy peasy!
    And i kinda thot it would just happen like that again, but here we are 4 weeks later this time and i have no AF or BFP! WTF?? lol

    oh well.

    Hope u get the answer you want soon xx
  • It took me a while to fall pg first time round so hoped it'd happen quicker this time.

    I know I need to chill out about this 2ww and just wait for my af to show up, which i'm sure it will in a week.

    Ho Hum !!!!
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