my af is due sunday

and i cant help feeling weird, its our first month ttc after mc (we waited for 1 af) i so want us to have that bfp! i know i should be more relaxed about it but these past couple of days i cant stop thinking about it, as i want another baby so much, and i think the reason is that, in the back of my mind, im just terrified it will take us another 13 months again (like it did last time only for it to end in mc)....anyway sorry girls im just feeling a little low today, been thinking about my baby angel, as i would have been over 4 months now...thanks for listening.


  • Hi Amanda, I can't begin to imagine how you are feeling but I can try to understand it. I really hope you get your bfp but, if not, try very hard to keep your chin up. Will be thinking of you over the weekend. Good luck and lots of babydust. xxxx
  • I'll be thinking of you. Good luck and try to stay positive.
  • Awwww hun, im so sorry to hear of your loss, it must be really tough for you. I cant begin to imagine how you must feel but i do understand how much you long for another baby, i do too!I really hope you get your bfp on sunday, ill keep everything crossed for you. lov Debs xxx
  • Keeping everything crossed for you sweetie! Try and keep up the PMA. Thinking of you! xxxx
  • Sending you loads of PMA pae. So hope af doesn't arrive on sunday and that a bfp does. Will be thinking about you. Good luck!!xx
  • hi amanda
    just recently i've been obsesed with being pregnant again to, i should have been nearly 22weeks now. Don't worry about feeling low as my mc was nearly 3 months ago and there are times when i just sit and cry. Just recentley i've stopped getting cross with myself about being upset as it is a major trauma that we've been through and you really do need time to grieve. Big hugs and i hope you get your bfp on sunday xxx
  • Hey babes i really hope this is your month hunny...i know what u mean my little bean would of been here in 80days (thanks for that be!!!) im never ever guna forget it, at the end of the day they where our babies and like gil says we have every right to greive xxxx
  • thanks so much everyone for your nice comments, its made me feel so much better. thankyou xxx good luck everyone else!
  • Hi pae

    Im rooting for you got everything crossed and it seems that all the best people are in the jan forum and you deserve to be there too. (well at least you will get a laugh with SB and Woomummy there).

    As for your bean you will never forget and they will be in your heart and thoughts forever. Take care of yourself and i hope you get you BFP at the weekend.

    love jen xx

  • Hey pae image
    Hope you are well hun. Yes, still here. Give up on wots going on now! I'm on cd 118!!! lol. However, i do feel very suspiciously as though i am about to have an af which will be great.

    I so hope that your af stays away hun. Of everyone here, you deserve yours so much. My LO would have been one next month if the little bean had stayed with me. Now my bean is an angel and i will never forget them.
    Good luck hun and please do keep in touch.
    lots of love
    bluebird xxxx
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