clomid question (AGAIN)!!!

hi guys just a quick question finally after months and months even dose of norethisterone (which didnt work)!!! af is finally on her way!!! i

m having quite alot (SORRY TMI) of mucky brownish cm with slight red when i wipe ive been told to strart taking clomid on cd 2 to 6 now do i wait till af is in full flow to count it as cd 1 or do i class today as being cd 1? confused!! :\? xx


  • I think you should count today as CD1, especially as this is your first af in a while, you may not get a "full flow" I'm pretty sure my zita west book says that you don't have to wait til full flow for cd 1, I'll check for you when I get home later!

    How exciting!!! Good luck and babydust xxx
  • CD1 should be first day of red blood so I would not class today as CD1 - hopefully tomorrow. Good luck with clomid. I got my BFP the month on it xx
  • thanks both you've been really helpful she has definately ARRIVED and already in full flow ahhhhhh i forgot how bad they were but ive never been so happy to see her either finally I can start taking the clomid I was prescribed weeks ago!!!! good luck both and thanks again xxx
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