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Im in a state of shock at the minute!!! After 12 longs months weve done it!!!! As some of u may know i tested on friday at 7dpo of got a v v v faint + but on the internet cheapies so knowing what they can be like with evap lines, on sat i did a tescos and cud make out a v v v faint line on that so decided to test today the the 2nd one and got a faint line again but darker than satuday....still not convinced i popped to boots and got 2 first response test and got a positive in under a minute!!!!!! I can believe it im so excited now, was trying to stay calm but cant stop myself!!!!!! Thank you to everyone who has listened to me over the months...i could never of done this without u...and hubbie of course lol!!!!! kim xxxxxxxx

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  • YAY congratualtions honey!!!!!!! Already said it tons to u this morning but i'm so chuffed for u!!! U did promise i could be midwife ages ago so i'll be holding you to that!!!!
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