Vitamin help.

Hi ladies we are ttc at the end of january but I was wondering what vitamins we should take?

Obv Folic Acid (going out to get it tomorrow.) I have heard that Zinc is good for DF to take.
Anything else I should be taking?
I am trying to eat healthily and eat fruit and veg but having a 2 (nearly 3) year old to run after sometimes means I dont always eat right.



  • Rather than go for plain folic acid, I take Pregnacare, which gives you the full dose of folic acid, as well as lots of other vitamins to get your body ready. Would definitely recommend it xx
  • I would say pregnacare i was taking normal folic acid the switched to pregnacare begining of Nov as it was on offer and i got my BFP on tues!! so 100% recomend it aweet good luck for TTC

    P.S i also have a 2 year old and find i dont eat very well he does i dont LOL
  • Ooh i will have to have a look at that, im only on boring old FA! Must switch and copy Lawso!!!
  • hi, i started (and hubby) taking sanatogen pre conception vitamins for him and her. You get a pink bottle for you which contains lots of vits including folic acid, and a blue bottle for your OH, which also contains lots of vits but especially zinc which is good for the spermies. I got my BFP this month after 7 months of trying without who knows? They cost around a tenner for a month supply
  • Thank you for all the advice!! Will go and check them out.
    Do you still take the vitamins after you have conceived? obv FA has to be taken up to 12/13 weeks but is everything else in them ok to take til then and beyond?

    So true mj1986! I make sure she eats really well and then forget about me lol!!

  • Have just looked at boots website and they have 3 for 2 on vitamins at the moment! So 3 months supply for the price of 2!!!
  • hey seet pregnecare you take for TTC during and after if you are planning on breastfeeding not sure bout other ones tho

  • I am 39 weeks pregnant now and still take Pregnacare everyday. I plan on taking it once the baby is here too as I'd like to breastfeed but once I stop that, then I'll probably stop the vitamins.

    I buy them from the supermarket and they cost about ??4 per month. Honestly I'm sure its helped me throughout. Hope this helps xx
  • thank you all so much for the help image
  • I take pregnacare and omega 3 and hubby takes a multi vit and omega 3 as zinc and vitamn C are good.

    Saying that, my consultant (i had an ectopic in september) said he advises people against vitamin suppliments as you should aim to get all you need from food and if you have a balance you could exceed your RDA if take a suppliment.

    That said I still take my vitamin as can't run the risk re folica acid! x x
  • I'm on the old Pregnacare too, and hubby takes the man version of Pregnacare (made by the same people) called Wellman Conception. I think they are new, cos I only spotted them in Boots the other day - if I had know about them hubby would have been on them ages ago!

    As for when you do fall pg, those clever Pregnacare people have got that covered too!

  • Hi,

    I take Multibionta, Tesco's Folic Acid and Tesco Omega 3. Oh takes Omega 3 and Multibionta.

    Remember, don't be afraid of using own-brand vits and supps as the majority of time you're paying for the brand-name and the ingredients are the same.

    Good luck

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