I'm rocking and rolling now!

Hi Ladies,

Well, I'm on CD18 today and I've just had two very strong positive OPKs, so we'll be getting down to some bd'ing over the next couple of days. Been at it all week, so don't know where I'm going to find the energy from, lol!



  • keep in there sport!!! hehehe, i cant wait to be getting some positives!!

    i hope you get jam packed with so many symptoms during your 2ww that there will be no doubt you get a BFP!!!

  • Ah thank you Home Fairy, that's really sweet of you. Hope you get your positives soon too xx
  • good luck hun, plenty of bd we have been all week as well not sure wether i have ov'd or not yet but having a rest tonight then back with the bd tomorrow again.lol.xxx
  • Keep going with the bd'ing hun. I wore hubby out last week lol! xxx
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