Hi Im New (Well sort of!)

Hi Girls,

I have a wonderful 15 month old daughter & on Monday I took my last pill so I guess you can say that we will now be officially TTC.
My AF started yesterday so i guess im on CD2.
With my DD it happened very quickly. Had been on the pill for about 12 yrs solid, came off, periods returned to normal and i got my BFP on month 2.
To be honest i would really like it to take a little longer this time as if it happened pretty much straight away again it would make it a Dec baby again & Dec is such a busy time but i suppose whats meant to be will be.
Im alot more scared this time round - i suppose its because i know what to expect, lol.:lol:

Looking forward to getting to know you all.x


  • hiya good luck TTC! this is my 2nd month, i have good feelings about april, so fingers crossed for us! xxxxxxx
  • Hiya again
    There are so many bfp's floating about Dec 08 you'll probably only be here a short time lol
    Best of luck x
  • you're scared because you know what to expect?? don't say that!!! x
  • hiya

    just started month 4 ttc am on CD1 so we could be cycle buddies! I know what you mean about a dec baby want to full pg just not sure if dec a good month! still have been doingthe right stuff and not fallen yet so if its meant to be a dec baby so be it!
  • Oh sorry Susie! Its only because I have such a great routine with my lo and its the sleepless nights etc that scares me as my lo would never sleep at night for the first 9 weeks!!! I was like a zombie! hahaha
    She has been 8pm - 8am from about 7 months though.
    In all fairness my pregnancy was straight forward, didnt get any stretchmarks, my labour was only 3 hrs long and im back to my pre preg size and weight.
    Its a wonderful experience & you will love being a mummy.x
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