Update from my last post...

So went to the docs yesterday for my swabs, doc done them and also an internal.
She says looking and having a feel doesn't look like they will pick anything up on the swabs and that she can't feel anything on my ovaries.
So she has booked me in for a scan which i'm still waiting to find out the date of, i'm hoping its this week as i'm eager to find out whats wrong!
She said if the scan doesn't pick anything up then i shall be referred to a gynacologist (can't spell it lol) which i'm guessing will mean more tests.
The doctor even said my symptoms sound like a pregnancy but she couldn't see anything to suggest i might be during the internal!
I want a baby more than anything in the world and am just so fed up right now image
My belly has swelled up and i look like i have a little bump but i know it's not and its prob just bloating but it's hard cause i know it's just all wishful thinking image

Emma xxx


  • Hi Emma, been trying to reply for a while but it keeps eating my post so hope this one gets through.

    Its good that she didn't see or feel anything suspicious when she did the internal exam; thats always a good start. You are still young yet and there is every chance you will have a baby.

    I hope your scan date comes through quickly. Try to stay positive though, you'll know soon enough what is going on and fingers crossed everything is alright for you.

    Good luck xx
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