This 2ww is driving me craaaaazy!!!

This is the first time ever I have known I'm in a 2 ww and it's driving me insane!!!

I think I am almost in the 1ww but I'm not 100 per cent!!!

Every twinge cramp boob pain and anything else has me thinking ooh am I pg!!! Grrrr!!

Anyone else going insane!!! Lol



  • Errrrrmmmmmm..... YES LOL !!

    I OV'd on May 6th (thought it was May 3rd ... got my dates wrong..derr!!) - and managed to fit in some intense BD that I am 6dpo - and have been obsessing over every ache, stabbing back pain, toilet visit ... etc, etc, etc,,,

    Oh dear ... doing my best to wait until af is due to test (May 22) - when are you testing hun? Maybe we can keep each other a little more sane?

    Maybe.... lol
  • Think mine is about the same as yours Hun!!! I got a pos on 5th so could be 6 or 7 dpo!! Really not 100 per cent!!

    Yaay we can keep each other as sane as poss!!! Lol

    honestly never thought I would be going this insane!!

  • Me either, and it's our first month ttc - god help me come month 4 LOL !!

    Hopefully we'll be moving over to DIJ hun ..fingers crossed for us all!


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