Anyone had evaps on FRER? Another line on SD *UPDATE*

Hey, yeah its me again image

What is the chance of getting an evap on a FRER? I know people have said they dont give evaps, but people have had them.
Baring in mind i did the test yesterday afternoon. When i first used it I thought i could see something, I put it away and looked again this morning and its more visible.
Im not going to tell hubby because we had one of those chats last night :roll: where he thinks im getting too obsessed with this TTC business and he thinks i shouldnt go on BE all the time.

I cant tell what the colours are.
I have to stop myself being like this, my hubby is right its stressing me out and i feel like bawling my eyes out all the time.
Well ive near enough used all my pg tests now, he will go mad! image
Only got 1 of the free pg tests left.
After that strong line on OPK the other day me and hubby BD'd that night of POS and last night just incase i am actually ovulating.



I did another SD this morning and i couldnt see anything so i chucked it back in the cupboard. I did the test around half 10, I can see a line now after an hour and a half. Ill bare it mind it could still be an evap, but usually it took till the end of the day for a evap to come up.
Also i just been to the loo and im bleeding slightly, If im not pg and the POS OPK the other day means im ovulating then it cant be my AF?


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  • Hi MPP,

    I can see something on the top picture but it's too far over the one side-but I think this is because you've took it apart and put it back together so it's gone a bit off centre! :lol:
    I have had evaps on FR before but they don't show up for ages after...I think they are good for evaps compared to other tests.

    As for what your hubby said-I know how you feel hun, my hubby and I had a similar talk last night as well! I had a MC last month so now I am really worried about it happening again but also worried incase I am not pg because I just want to be now,especially with what happened. But he didn't get that at all-he just doesn't understand why I can't relax about it. He's normally so understanding but he hurt my feelings lastnight-so you aren't alone there hunny-men don't get it at all!

    Good luck when testing again-as you had the positive opk just a few days ago perhaps you were ov'ing late after all I would do another test in a few days-if it's BFP that's ace. If not I would count yourself as still in the 2ww (if af doesn't show) and test using that last positive opk as a guide.

    Lots of love
  • Hehe, yes i did take it apart, thats why its abit off centre! hehe, my hubby knows when i have done it coz once you open them that tablet thing moves and when you shake it, it rattles.

    My hubby has been so negative about it, it upsets me sometimes.

  • Lol at the tablet- yeah why to FR's have those weird tablet things inside them?! So weird! No other HPT's have them!

    Hun, don't worry about your hubby-I think it's hard for men to view TTC in the way we do- for them, I don't think it's 'real' until you are actually pregnant. Me and my dh agree on most things-but he still can't see TTC the way I do and we already have 2 kids. Once I have been actually pregnant he has been over the moon, very supportive and a really lovely hands on daddy.

  • PS. Post a pic of the SD!!!

  • Hello ladies,

    I'm new to the site, and am still learning all of the abbreviations, but didn't need any to be able to empathise with the hubby situations!

    My other half is so laid back he is horizontal - "well there's never going to be a good time" ...doesn't really give me the same support as "I love you - let's do this" LOL ...

    The instinct just isn't as strong in them as it is in us - that will never change - and let's face it - it's us women that will do 75% of the parenting anyway ... so I say screw 'em .. literally LOL

    Good luck to you both.. I hope you get BFP's real soon.


  • Still looks like an evap to me.

    If it is a BFP, im kinda bleeding slighty...... Should i be worried? No pains or anything. Me and hubby were kinda rough last night :lol:

  • The FR one i used yeesterday afternoon, i thought i could see a v v v faint line, but could of been the line where it would change colour, but it looked so visible this morning.
    The SD one i didnt see anything, i put it away, i used it at half 10 this morning and saw it around 12pm. Normally when i had evaps from them before i would get it at the end of the day, Just seemed so quick to get it.

  • Please can i G/C image

    Here is my SD test at 13dpo i thought it may have been a evap to

    Untill about 2/3 days later

    Good Luck hope its your BFP image
    I'll send a little baby dust ur way to help and be keeping my fingers crossed xx
    Gembags x
  • Oooooh I dunno hun, I can see the SD one really clearly though!
  • That looks like a definite BFP to me hun, esp the SD one!! My SD one was very faint at first too. Hope this is your BFP. Try and wait a few more days and test again with fmu. Good luck x x x
  • Hi MPP

    The FR tests look exactly like the ones I had last month and the SD's too.

    Hope you get your BFP hun, when was your af or are you late??

    Bleeding could be implantation as people still get little bit of bleeding through early stages.

    Are you going to do a CBD, fingers crossed for you hun

  • thankyou thankyou u have just proven to me and my partner that im not completly mad lol iave been testing daily this wk and had these what look like evap lines too and partner been looking at me like ive lost plot.. im due to test sunday really so know ive been testing to early heehee but did feel preg. well until last night have had really painful period pains but fingers crossed no sign of her showing yet.... xx gd luck and lots of baby dust to all xxx
  • Hi sorry all that I havent replied i was on a late shift at work.

    Thanks for your pics too Gems, it kinda reassures me, Im trying not to get too excited. I havent had anymore bleeding, it kinda fizzled out. Went a orangey colour and then brown and now its stopped.
    Just feel kinda achey and sometimes dull cramps..

    I really hope its my BFP. Im gonna try and hold out till monday to test again, hopefully it will be darker!

    I think i will hold out with the CBD until i get definates on another pg test. Prehaps I will try both SD and FR on monday morning.
    Last AF was 26th of march and as cycles are all over the place i havent a clue if im late or not, Its well weird i got a POS OPK few days ago, so i thought i might of been ovulating late or something.

  • Hi MPP

    I had orange cm yetsterday afternoon that went browny colour last night. Today Ive had like a pale pink watery blood so not sure whether af is on way or not.

    Have had a few cramps so the witch will probably land but wanted to wish you luck anyway hun and i will keep you posted from my scan next friday.

    I will prob speak to you before then anyway but hope you get your BFP hun, you deserve it xx
  • omg i really hope your having the same thing as me. I kept going to the loo every 5 minutes at work looking at my cm, I just wanted to see whether the bleeding stopped and i was glad of the colour change. Made me feel abit more relaxed.
    Ive had no cramping or aches yet since getting up, felt better once i laid down and went to sleep last night.

    Gonna walk into town in a bit and pop into superdrug. I bet they love me in there or should I say i bet they love my money!
    Just getting 1 twin pack of SD, 1 twin pack of FRER and 1 single pack of CBD or maybe a twin pack.

  • Good luck hun

    I think the witch has landed for me when I wiped this morning there was nothing there so I decided to check my cervix (it feels low and like its disappeared) anyway there was brown blood in there so am not sure what to think.

    It royally sucks but hey ho am going to enjoy my holiday and prep for next month!!

    Good luck hun I havent bought any tests am trying to wait and see if I get a full on fresh red bleed if I dont I will go and buy some tests.

    Am on a hen night tomorrow too so going to have a few drinks but not get drunk just incase image

  • Bloody hell i spent nearly ??30 on those tests!!

    Dont be too sure, dont give up, Im still bleeding fresh blood on and off, im not too worried. It might of been the fact i tested early coz i didnt know when i was late or not, so i might be having a chemical. Its not heavy flow, its on and off and keeps going brown.

    Good luck to you, you still might be in for a chance.

  • OMG

    I know its obsessive isnt it that will be me tues if no AF.

    Am trying to be good and not buy any tests until am late.

    I think my AF is due no later than 4th but not sure cos I got a pos opk on 16th April so am 14 dpo today but I counted back my last cycle and I have an 18 day lp so my AF isnt due until Tues 4th May!!

    Loooooong weekend of waiting and seeing if the witch lands, to be honest I am going to have a few drinks and enjoy myself tomorrow am sick of putting my life on hold every month, building my hopes up and then getting nowhere and if I dont drink then its just going to look suspicious to all my friends.

    I would never do anything to harm a potential pregnancy tho so i wont be getting drunk just a few sociables but I feel guilty.

    Have done a bit of retail therapy today and have af cramps so I do think its only a matter of time before she shows!!!

    Good luck xx
  • ah finished my shift!!! thank god and then im back in work at 7am! image

    After a while i realised i shouldnt bother putting life on hold, I stopped going to my dance lessons and stopping drinking and i got so miserable, that made it more stressful.
    Most people got their BFP when they starting relaxing about it and this month i didnt use OV sticks. My mate and her fella were trying for 6 months and then they gave up and as soon as they decided to stop she got her BFP. Shes now around 20 weeks.
    Everyone was telling me I have to relax and let nature takes its course and it was really peeing me off being told that and quite strangely it just works when you do.

    Good luck to you too,


    P.S No more bleeding thank god.
  • Its exciting isnt it well if i end up with my BFP we only had sex once lol as i only done an opk on the off chance i was ov early and I was.

    I have felt bit sick tonight, no more bleeding just tiny bits but no red blood. I literally have everything crossed for both of us.

    When you testing? it costs a fortune eh!!

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