When would i have ov'd?

Just wondering when i would have ov'd as i want to know when to start counting each day as dpo. On cd12 i had my first bit of ewcm but it wasnt until late evening...cd13 i had quite a bit of ewcm and im on cd14 today...when would i say i ovulated as i wanna have an idea of when to test....if that makes sense



  • You probably ovulated some time between day 12 and 15, it's hard to tell. I'd wait until your period is late before testing. How long is your cycle normally?
  • my cycle is is normally 29 days hun
  • have you got lots of ewcm today? have you had any pains that could be ov pains?
    i would say test on day 28 or 29.

    good luck hun!! xx
  • i had alot of ewcm yesterday and have had possible ov pains lastnight and today...is is a good sign then
  • that is a good sign. i would test 2 weeks today. oooh we could POAS together if my AF doesn't turn up! xxx
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