Positive CB Preg test - but not convinced :(

Hi there

I am so confused and upset.

I am around AF time now. About 7dpo I had some brownish/pink when I wiped. Ever since then I feel that my AF has been threatening to come (AF pains and cramps esp in lower back). Everytime I have wiped after going to the loo, there has been a pinkish tinge on the tissue when I have checked. It now seems to be increasing in quantity (although still not red - yet :\( )

Don't know what made me check as I feel AF arriving any min, but just tested with a CB hpt which was positive. Feeling very reluctant to call it a Big Fat Positive as it feels more like a LSP (Little skinny positive!)

I know i may be joking but am feeling a bit heartbroken as I have had multiple miscarriages in the past :cry:

Can anyone help me with some advice? Has anyone had this but gone on to have a successful pregnancy?

Just to mention also - I am experiencing none of the symptoms I had when I was preg with baby number 1 before i got my bfp with him (eg lots of cm)

Sorry if I have given tmi or if I have gone on a bit, just don't know what to do or whether to tell hubby or not.

Thanks for any help. Hope you're all ok xxx


  • awwwww hun sorry to hear ur sad, i dont really know what to say, but it does sound like a BFP, only you know your body i suppose, mayeb leave it a couple of days and test again maybe sun or mon??? xxxxx
  • A positive is a positive- you'd not get it if didn't have the pregnancy hormone. It sounds as though you can't believe it but maybe check again in few days. That's the weird and annoying thing about pregnancy, the symptoms are same as af with the cramps etc. The spotting is maybe implant bleeding, I've not had it but have read lots of others getting it.
    I really hope it all works out- sounds good though x
  • Thanks. I know it's a horrible waiting game. The 2ww is bad enough, but getting a positive just makes me feel worse cos I know we did manage it, but whether it's a sticky one is another matter. Wish I hadn't of tested now image Have no choice but to wait a few days. I hope witch just turns up now if that's what she's planning on doing. At least I can then set the m button on my new cbfm!

    Take care xxx
  • Thanks mummy chop. Trying to be positive as I know we've managed it, it's just whether or not it's going to be a sticky one. Really am hoping so. Will keep you posted. Can implant beedling last for so long though? It's been a week since I initially got the brown smearing and since then pink!?????
  • Positive thoughts MaybeBaby!!! you've got a BFP.. now just send positive thoughts to the little bean to hold on tightley!! It's pointless to say try and do something else to take your mind off it cause i know it's impossible.. but just try and stay positive, that's good for your body!! thoguhts are with you! x
  • to me it sounds good to have a bit of pinky/brown ive heard that alot, and as long as its spotting not a constant AF like bleed, dont mean to sound insensitive, but did this happen b4? or is this ur first experiance of this?
  • Thanks for the positive vibes rusky.

    Me - not insensitive at all. I've come a long way since all of that upset. We did have a horrible coule of years, but we've moved on since we managed a healthy baby.

    One of the occasions was similar - yes. That was the time we have conceived twins image

  • awww thats great uve got a LO already! i think only thing u can do is wait and test many on sun orsomething! def sounds good so far tho! no AF, and wheteher its BFP, or a LSP, its still a P! if that makes sense! keep a PMA like rusky said!

    *sticky sprinkles*
  • thanks ladies - sending lots of babydust your way too xxx
  • I just wanted to add that the cramps etc are entirely normal for early pregnancy, I spent the first few weeks of being pregnant having stomach cramps which were exactly the same as I'd get before AF, so they aren't a bad sign at all.

    It does sound like it might be an implantation bleed, which would make sense with the pains - your bean could just be getting cosy.

    Perhaps you could test again in the next day or two and see if the line gets any darker, as that would be a good indication of the hormone levels rising.

    Best of luck xxx
  • I am in a similar situation (CD35, cycle is normally between 28-32 days), no AF but had pinkish tinge on tissue twice so far, very small tinge! I tested yesterday evening using First response and got a very very faint BFP, and I mean very faint. Have had a weird feeling across my stomach for the last 5 days or so, like a tightening feeling across it. [email protected]@bs are sore too.

    So I tested again this morning and still only got a very faint line. Look at my previous posts as lots of people have responded to whether a faint line is a positive or not.

    I too am trying not to get excited..... taking each day as it comes now and hopefully AF won't make an appearance.....! Going to test again tomorrow morning, and the morning after lol....

    Really hope yours is a BFP as well. Really hope so hun. I am not calling it a BFP yet
  • Thanks MrsKP.
    Trying82 what a coincidence! I really hope we can celebrate our true bfps together soon.

    Update since this morning - As I felt a bit in limbo, I did a CBD test this afternoon which came up pregnant 1-2! So I am sure we've done it, it's just whether baby bean will stay or not. Felt better seeing it with the words I have to admit. The drawer is still hiding a further cbd and one more ordinary cb test. (*note to self - do not use them all today!!!....wait til Sunday at least!)

    Hubby still not home from work, so haven't been able to share the news yet. We weren't planning on testing as I had convinced him my period had started last week when got the spotting and have been moaning about all the cramps for days. He's going to be a little surprised to say the least, I just hope he doesn't worry too much about it at this stage. Should be in work myself today, but off looking after my poorly son. Hopefully he'll be on the mend soon.

    Feeling more positive about it all as still yet to see any red (*stay away witch, you're not welcome!*)

    Trying82, let me know if you have any other news. Fingers crossed for all our bfps ladies xxx
  • Hi maybebaby2, A couple of nights ago I got a really faint line on FR followed by another faint line yesterday morning. I went out and bought a CB digital because I knew I wouldn't believe a 'silly faint line'!! It came back pregnant 1-2 wks!! I'm still in some kind of happy shock so went and bought another FR today (I know, obsessive!) and did it a couple of hours ago and the line was still there but a lot more prominent, which means the hcg levels are increasing. Please god it stays this way, I know I won't actually believe it until I go to the drs!
    To make you feel better why don't you test again in a day or so? It's made me feel better. Best wishes xxx
  • I tested again jsut now and the line is still faint on the FR test- so i am going to use a Clear Blue one tomorrow (like you i ahve a few hidden away) so that i can see those words. I am not believing the line!!!! I dont want to wait till tomorrow to test but everyone seems to say that FMU is better for testing??

    Maybebaby- had a tiny bit of spotting after toilet this afternoon but was so light! Hopefully it means nothing. Will keep you updated.... how nice if we have our BFP....
  • Hi trying82
    G/C from DIM. I knew I was pregnant this time round because I spotted from about 7dpo till I was due on. I then continued to spot (varying in amounts) until I was 10 weeks. I had an early scan which couldnt suggest why it was happening.

    I also had spotting with my first (which I lost) and my second (who is now a very healthy 2 year old). This was the worst this time round but I am happy to say that I am now 31 weeks pregnant.

    I hope this gives you some hope and that all works out well.

    31 weeks today.
  • Serena- thank you for G/C your post made me feel a little better. Sorry to hear that you lost a baby, but so happy that you have a lovely 2 year old and another on the way....

    Thank you so much for letting me know that you also had spotting......xxx
  • Good advice kwn - testing tomorrow. COngrats on your bfp!

    Serena so pleased for your lovely news and sorry about your earlier loss. Good luck with everything and thanks for sharing your spotting info. I'm starting to relax a bit now - hopefully it's meant to be - fingers crossed xxx
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