i just want to be able to say the words for real....

good morning ladies, i just wanted to share a feeling iv been having and to see if any1 else had this experience but in all my fantasies of becoming a mum,i keep imagining the first time i tell my husband that we are going to have a baby!
i just want those words to leave my mouth for real, iv said it in my head so many times and theres something about saying it the first time ever in your life that i think is extra special!
we have been together 8 years since we were both 14 and have had our kisds names picked out since then! but since getting married at xmas we have really been yurning for a baby! i look at him all the time and envisage him being a daddy...am i completely going bonkers? any reassurance would be greatly appreciated!

wow this is longer than i thought it was going to be, hope i havent wasted any1`s time. xxx :\?


  • Hi Melissa, everyone feels the same, when i had my LO it wasn't planned so i was more scared to tell people than excited! but this time round i just cant wait, your not bonkers, its gonna be one of the most exciting things you can ever tell hubby xxx
  • oh thank you for putting my mind at rest, i just think that when i start my 2ww i really become obsessive, because you have no idea what happening inside your body and then you have to wait 2 weeks just to see if anything has happened! and then any little murmer or feeling i get between that time i interpate it to be some thing its not and then after 2 weeks af simply comes along like there was no point in even trying!

  • Its very frustrating ttc but we all carry on because we all want the same result!
    Im the same as you and twizzle, I was more scared when I found out I was pg last time because she was unplanned but next time I will be soooo excited. I cant wait to tell h2b that im pregnant, I always imagine how I will say it in my head. I even imagine how I will post it on here, I cant wait for that day....................



  • I also think about this loads but have also tried to stop thinking about it all as it also makes me feel sad. I think I'm now more obsessed with ttc and getting a BFP and it will then sink in that that actually means we'll have a baby. Not sure if that makes sense but for now it all seems about BD'ing and bums on pillows, not prams and cute things. I put my hand on a pram a week ago and it felt like lightening went through me, it seemed amazing that we are finally ttc a lo but again made me fill up with emotions as we are still ttc 7 mths after deciding.

    Anyway yet again I'm waffling but yes I dream of telling my DH and the whole world infact that I have a BFP, I just hope it happens and soon xxx
  • its really nice to think we are all having the same feelings and that im not alone, i feel that im part of a nice little group and i look forward to chatting and having a little gossip like you would with any friend.

    i want to be able to tell my child that they were wanted ever so much and that i went through so many emotions along the way, in a way im quite enjoying being in the baby making position at the moment as i dont feel like anything is going too fast, for the past 8 years we have known we wanted to be parents and deciding to try for a baby is a big step but i think untill they arrive ul always be getting used to the idea, i too imagined how i would post it on here and then moving up to the next forum of expecting then labour and birth then actually having ur baby and having ppl there along side you doing the same thing.................. v. reasuring.
  • you are not alone hun! i have similar feelings too.

    i had been day dreaming about how to tell hubby if i ever got bfp - but when i did in april (at 6am) i had been up feeling ill all night, and he was still asleep so i just said "I've got a positive" then went back to feeling ill!! not how i imagined it would be!! but we were excited the next day when i felt better.
    had mc at 11 weeks and ttc again now so i'm back daydreaming again image

    good luck hun, lots of babydust xxxxx
  • Oh I really know how your all feeling, I was ttc for nearly 3 years and for the 3 years all I could think about was becoming pregnant, every month was a disappointment not only for me but for my hubby too. Until the day finally arrived I tested late at night, I decided I wasn't going to tell hubby until the morning pee. I got up at like 5am to pee and I couldn't wait to get back into the room to tell him, I'll never forget his face. We where both over the moon.

    The day will come for you all too and you'll be so happy.

    Goodluck ttc

  • 3 years is such a long time i really hope its not that long for us, nut i think its women like us that will make the best parents in the long run because we REALLY want the child, its not about accidents of mishaps its about making a decision for ourselfs and wanting nothing more.
    for me im making a complete life changing decision, my life will change completely and y world will be turned on its herd, our way of life has been completely selfish because we have only ever had to think of each other for so long, all our commitments and social lives will too change but its the life change i really want, i want a completely different focus and im glad how my life has mapped out so far but i still feel completely unfulfilled...has any 1 ever felt that too? i have been broody since i was a little girl and i feel like i have waited my whole life just to try for a baby! i have always felt that im here to be a mum and that i couldnt possably do anything better and more worthwhile, i couldnt tell my friends that as they simply wouldnt understand as their brains dont function on that level yet but my hubby completely gets it.

    i feel so at ease with the idea of having a baby and being a mum but once it happened im not sure id feel so harmonious!!!
  • hi, im exactly the same, i stay awake for hours at night imagini9ng telling my husband and family. My sister has been very supportive of me ttc and i cant wait untill i actually say it. i wont feel so silly talking about baby names and looking at clothes. i cant help it. its costantly in my mind, even at work as a colleage is pregnant. i get so excited when i imagine it tha i get so dissapointed when i come to reality and realise im not and still probably have a long way to go. every time i watch tv im looking for baby programmes and when i read magazines i look forbaby stories or anything t do with them, even children of all ages. god..now i sound more obsessed than any of you ladies lol. i feel i shouldntbe alowedin mothercare untill im pregnant, does this sound silly. I feel every one knows Im not pg. sorry im babbling. Iv only been in there once since ttc and felt so excited looking around x x x x
  • heloo ~*wannabe a mummy*~ , u are not silly or obsessiveas im EXACTLY the same!! and believe it or not but at my work there are at least 7 pregnant women!!!!!! how on earth i get through the day il never know but at least i can ask all the questions i like and they just think im being polite!! hehe!
    i think its really sweet that you are thinking of the time u will announce to your nearest and dearest that u are pregnant, i think all the time how im gunna do it, do i put on a big brovado or do i just come out with it??? but then i think well im not bloody pregnent yet so dont build up ya hopes yet as that day may never come image
  • well hopefully the day will come for both of us and we can start imagining what it will be like to tell each other now lol. How long have you been trying? I only started this month really. Im only 21 but feel so ready, ever since i was married its all iv wanted and that was year ago now. my husband is excited about it but no where near as excited as i am. are you trying for your first? x
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