Advice needed again pls?

Hi ladies,

Well to recap whats happened is basically I dont know if I have had a proper af this month as when af was due I had a tiny bleed that was alot lighter than normal af.

To recap I had tracked 5 cycles successfully and was always bang on time etc. I only poas once on an OPK on sat/sun 5th, 6th Dec and was due ov 7th Dec however i didnt check I was ovulating me being naive we just bd quite a bit fri, sat, sun and mon morning.

Right I had a bleed on af due date at 6pm that night then nothing until xmas eve where I had another bleed which was also tiny and then box day I had a bigger bleed but still didnt stay and feel like af.

in between all those days between af and bleeds I had brownish cm, now I have been to the toilet the last few nights and am still wiping and it looks like either dark brown and dark red but why am I still getting af if thats what it is 9 days later.

I have aching boobs, sore back, feel nauseous all day long and it could be stress but I can stress how pregnant I feel I have also had weird pains and feelings in the stomach.

I just want to know whats going on, now I am thinking if I ov late say thur 10th it could have been implantation cos that can take between 6-12 days and the doctor said you sometimes get this instead of your period.

I guess I could wait and see oh and I have been testing up to 28th with FR but I dont drink alot of fluid and I wondered if this could be giving me a negative result.

I am going bonkers here he he :lol:

I just really would like to know whats going on and the fact I am still spotting or having af argh..........well I would just like to know either way. If i did ov later then we last bd on 7th dec so there was still a chance even if it was a slim one??

If I did ov a few days later than expected also 31st would make me 21dpo. Am sick of testing and have ran out of tests do you think I should wait and see if I get a normal af next month?

Also I want to get on with BDing so there is a chance I could get preg next month.



  • But would you be able to wait for your next af? Wouldn't that drive you totally bonkers? I know it would drive me mad.

    Personally I think I would firstly save up me pee and do another test with fmu. The other thing I would do would be to go back to the doctors and ask for a blood test to see one way or the other.

    I just know that if it were me another 20 odd days of not knowing would drive me to distraction!
  • Hi M&S well this is the thing you see I dont wee very often and when I get up first thing I always go for a pee.

    I have ran out of tests and intended on getting some today but then hubby told me not to and he said if I tested tomorrow and saw BFN again it would make me sad for NYE as we are going out with friends for a meal so think I am just going to let nature take its course.

    Our doctors dont seem to be very accomodating in the north west where I live as they said they no longer send tests off to the hospital and she left it at that really.

    Some days I really feel like I have symptoms but my main concern is the bleeding still 9 days after my supposed af showed then my af was on and off every few days.

    Yes you are right it is driving me bonkers but I guess theres nothing else I really can do. If I am still bleeding in a couple of days I will bite the bullet and do one last test.

    I wouldnt care but I will be ready for round 2 shortly but I have no idea now when I will ovulate or anything.

    Thanks for replying xx
  • Ok to update I put my fmu in a container this morning and went and bought a superdrug hpt pack of 2 came home now fmu had been sat in container a while to be honest as needed to do some last min shopping.

    Anyway held stick in fmu and I really dont know if my eyes are playing tricks but i think i see a line it is so faint tho (could be my mind playing tricks) on me tho!!

    I have stopped spotting/bleeding/af whatever it was now so when should I do another test??

    Am going to try and avoid drinking just incase and if i test and get a BFN then am defo onto MONTH 2 and we are doing SMEP this month starting tonight he he!!

  • Hi Sparkling Diamond. I don't really have any advice, but just wanted to let you know that I know how frustrating it is and send you lots of luck. I have no AF this month, countless BFNs and every pregancy symptom's so cruel. It is absolutely awful not knowing what's happening inside your own body. I spent years moaning about the pill, but at least I always knew where I was with that. I hope you enjoy NYE X
  • Thanks ickleme how long have you been off the pill, sounds good for you tho how late is af?

  • I'm now 20dpo and I just can't work out what's going on. Doctor wasn't sure either, he said wait til mid Jan for hormone tests if we are none the wiser by then. I hate seeing all the BFNs image, I thought it sounded good too, but have given up hope now really...just not sure where AF has actually gone??!!
    Ive been off the pill since July, Afs have been regular, but really painful since then..I would be happy for any AF to arrive even a really painful one, just like you it feels like a bit of a limbo at the mo x
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