CD1 and the worlds WORST AF cramps :cry:

well, she turned up yesterday after 3 days of cramping and today is SO much worse! taken some nurofen and its not helping - HELP!
this is the worst its been since coming off pill in november 2009 (but this is only 3rd real bleed since then)

on the bright side, my cycle is now officially down from 46 days, to 32! hooray! so i have about 2 weeks till i am OV'ing again and last cycle i had lots of EWCM, so i am hoping to have lots this time too.



  • oo thats good i suppose (that ur cycles are becoming more regular) not so much about the AF pains tho lol, hope ur feeling better soon xxxx
  • Hi Livvy

    How you doing, except for af? Wishing you good luck for this cycle!

    MrsS xxx
  • I can sympathise with you completely; mine are like that every month and i haven't come off the pill yet! I usually find having a hot bath then having a water bottle on my tum and one on my lower back eases it so that it is comfortable. I was on mefenamic acid until recently for my AF pain but then had a severe allergic reaction to the tablets so I am now on codeine phosphate (this Monday will be 2nd AF since been prescribed them). Dreading it as i am already cramping xx

  • Hi Livvy, I am CD6 so another month for me too! Really hope it is our turn this month. I have got my cycles down to 28 days by having 3 reflexology sessions. I started at 55 days back in Nov when I came off pill. I love it and would def recommend it. I am also using CBFM which I got from Ebay so am trying to have loads of PMA!!!
  • i get terrible pains too, try a heat pack from asda, you stick it onto your top and it stays hot for up to 6 hours, they work for me xxx
  • hi everyone, thanks for replying!
    hi mrsS - i am ok thanks, looking forward to this cycle, as i'm 'back on track' as it were, with my cycles etc and am temping etc now, so feeling positive! hows things with you?!
    shoegal - your cycles sound painful! hope the codeine works for you this month.
    hi mrsmel - when do you OV or are you not sure yet? i am due to ov on CD17, so cant wait! my cycles are also getting shorter - down from 46 days to 32 now! hooray! it makes it seem that little bit easier when you get af, as its not quite as long to wait till the next one!
    feel like the pill is out of my system now, so looking forward to this cycle and lots of bding! good luck with your CBFM!
    thanks for the adive deballen - if i have pains tomorrow, i will give them a go - dont want to have tokeep taking nurofen! xx
  • LivvyS - they are really painful. I think if I could I would stay curled up in bed the whole 4/5 days that I am on. I shall keep you posted on the codeine phosphate xx

  • Not sure when due to ov but am using a CBFM and am CD9 and it is showing the fertility as low still but am also trying SMEP so am BDing everyother day from CD8 then 3 in a row when I get a peak on CBFM (will also do it when I get a high to). I would love it to be my month: this is the last chance for a christmas pud!
  • LivvyS - well i took the codeine phosphate all day yesterday (one of my worst days Tuesday then Wednesday). I haven't taken any today and not had to use much of my hot water bottles. I do however have cold and sore throat to cope with. I am back at work but about to go home to bed....flagging really badly. Eyes are sore and i am aching along with my cramp etc :cry:

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