Over 2 weeks late, BFN's and got dance classes, what 2 do?

Hi all,

As said in the title, im over 2 weeks late, im on CD 49, so tomorrow it will be 50 days since my last period, Jesus! it sounds like a long time. Im still getting BFN's to this very day and its doing my head in.
Ive been going to pole dancing lessons once a week and because i have my own pole, i have to make the most of it, but the last couple of weeks ive not been going due to the fact i was querying a pregnancy. Well if im getting BFN's but i have been getting symptoms what do i do?
My classes are at the stage where we flip ourselves upside down on the pole, so i dont know wheher its a good idea or not? After all i might not even be pregnant but i have no other reason of why i would miss period, ive had no stress that i know of, my periods have been every month, the only time i had a long cycle was when i first came off the pill but that was in august last year, since then ive had them every month.

Any ideas.



  • would love my own pole. i used to go to classes but gave up as it was so expensive.

    have you been to see the doc with the missing AF? i would think that if you were pregnant baby would be very well protected at this stage, so you wouldnt hurt it.
  • Hi berly image

    Yeah it is expensive, my classes are ??10 an hour, i aint even gonna ask her how much a private tuition is! lol!

    I went to the doctors last week on a wednesday about my spots so while i was there i queried the missing AF and he asked what my hpt results were and i said BFN, he said im not pregnant then and i should wait for my AF. When i came home i found a line from the test i did in the morning (more than likely a evap) then did another test either next day or few days after and got another evap which i saw at the end of the day again.
    I read on the internet that they will only give you a blood test once you have missed 2 AF's. Well roll on 2 weeks then! lol


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  • i had a fe private lessons to start off and it was 330 for an hour and a half. told hubbie it was half that price!!!!

    i read about what you thought were evap lines. have you been using the same tests? i think you siad it was superdrug tests is that right? have you tried a diff brand of test?
  • hi hon he is very wrong to say you are not pg becuz hpt says bfn i know somnone who had same as u but was pg and blood test showed it, id go back asap and ask for blood test. x
  • Jesus ??330, my hubby would kill me!

    Yeah i was using the superdrug ones, I did a FR few days ago and it was bfn, I did a SD one today after work because i had a lesson tonight at 7 and i just wanted to check, it was bfn and i held onto my urine at least 3 hours. I spoke to the person who teaches the lessons, i never saw what she put as i was talking to her on facebook chat and it was playing up, so she was probably advising me not to go anyway so im staying in tonight, even so its started peeing it down outside lol.

  • Hi MPP
    My AF still hasn't turned up either - BFN with a FR HPT this morning. I'm going skiing on saturday for a week. The way I am viewing it is that if AF hasn't appeared by the time I get back - I'm asking for a blood test.
    I think there are times when we need to be patient, and times when we need to get bolshy and ask for what we need. IMAO you need to get a blood test so you can know for sure. Then it's also on your notes in case you need any further investigation done.
    Then at least you can go crazy on the pole!
    But then again - if you've been doing the lessons up to know - it should still be ok to do it at least for the first few months. They do say any exercise you've been doing before you get pg is ok to continue moderately. It's starting anything new which is frowned upon. Paula Radcliffe kept running until she was 5 months gone!

    Good luck - will be back online a week on sunday and will be looking to see how you've got on.

  • hi i had the same query the other day...i was on cd 44 of a usual 31-33 dya cycle and had a zumba class (hefty latin dance/aerobic workout) and didn't wanna go if i was pregnant...i did a test that day bfn, went to my class and af turned up shortly after, have no idea why she was so late, just teasing me i think. also if ur body is already used to it then it won't be pulling and stretching u in ways it shldn't, iyswim? like running, they say there's no reason why u can't carry on if ur body is used to it, plus baby is well cushioned in there, if u are pg then baby wld still be tucked down behind ur pelvis so unlikely to come to any harm. hth xx
  • I might ring the drs tomorrow but abit worried they will tell me to get lost and tell me that its too early. If ive got low HCG then i would like to know.

    Hi ctb, my god i didnt even know Paula radcliffe was pregnant. what cycle day are you? God be careful when your out skiing wont ya lol, might have a sticky bean in there image
    Ill be looking for you when you get back to hear some news from you, hopefully good news.

    Hi WoW, as it was late, were you sure it was your AF? could it have not been implantation?

  • positive its AF, very heavy as usual, but had absolutely no cramps this months, no sore boobs either, and at the time we were still using condoms...as just waiting for AF to turn up to start ur first month ttc, so most definately just mother nature being v annoying...plus got a bfn just hours before af showed up. xx
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