28 day cicle

hi could some one tell me if im right if i have a 28 day cicle dos that mean i ovulate around 14 days before af is due i have had this 28 day cicle foe 5 months thanks.xxx


  • Generally they do say you ov 2 weeks before your AF is due. Thats how I worked mine out as. I have a 30 day cycle. I said I would ov on CD16 and I did. I got my smiley face on my CBD ov stick on CD16 & 17. Good luck x
  • Hi. I have 28 day cycle. But when using OPK sticks this month i ovulated on day 17. So everyone if different and it can change from month to month as well.
  • Hiya I have a 27/28 day cycle and ov on CD17/18 as well! I'd definately recommend using the CB OPK sticks if you are trying as many have found they are not 'normal' here! lol


  • Think i might get them after xmas if af comes xmas day.x
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