Morning Ladies

Good Morning my lovely TTC ladies lol

Well I am now on CD29 of a potential 39 day cycle, no idea when I OV as I have been getting EWCM on and off for the past 3 weeks and I have been doing OV sticks for the past week and been getting BFN on them also :\?
SO last Tuesday I started to get EWCM again (which would of been right if I am on a 39 day cycle) and that has continued hasnt gone and I have got a constant wet feeling down there....I got a thingy to chart my BBT but it came mid way through the cycle so thought I would use it after my next AF (if she came) well stupid me I did it this morning as soon as I woke up and it was 36.37oC and well I read that is around the temp you get prior to OV....well my god how much more confused can I get lol :\?

Last night when I went to the bathroom I wiped and could swear there was brown CM on the tissue....thing is we havent BD that much this week Monday / Wednesday and Saturday

I have got sore (.)(.) especially around the nips lol, constantly hungry, increased CM, strange sensations in my tummy, and my mood yesterday was like a yo-yo.

Any feedback especially on the BBT would be great as no idea xxxx


  • maybe ur already pg? what u reckon?? morning btw lol. xxxxxx
  • I have no idea hun....I am trying not to symptom spot as it is driving me crazy lol...morning hun, I did email you back xxxx
  • G/C from DiJ, but near constant EWCM was one of my first symptoms image good luck!
  • eeek! im excited for u image its ur first or second month aswel isnt it? x
  • first month of TTC huni pops....I very much doubt I will be that lucky though...trying not to get my hopes up that way I wont be disappointed.
    Hows your cycle going bab? xxx

    what other symptoms did you have Mrsd2006? xx
  • should be ov'ing any time now really, no +on opk yet, so who knows, im cd16 today xxxx
  • when are you testing hun? well what is it you say???/ 'if in doubt BD anyway lol' xxx
  • lol yeah been doing that! haha. testing everyday at 5 ish xxx
  • ooooo very good, Ive got a good feeling for you this month huni xxxx
  • WELL I took my temp again this morning, same time as yesterday and it has gone up again today. Yesterday was 36.37 degC (97.46 degF) and this morning it is 36.55 degC (97.79 degF).....ooooo totally lol xxxx
  • morning image ive never temped? is high temp good or bad? it sounds to confusing for me lol x
  • I am equally as confused ladies lol just going to keep charting....getting loads of cm....which if memory serves I dont usually get before AF is due I am normally dry.
    Yay Keri-Anne cycle feeling abit better now chick?
    And how is my lovely Amiee doing today? xxxx
  • im great fanx, headache today tho image wanna go home and curl up in bed! hope we can still bd lol x
  • take plenty of nurofen and get to bd you lol xxxx
  • bahahaha, i just realized ive been walking round at work with my top on nside out! lmao, its just a plain vest and i have a cardy on so dont think anyone noticed lol. my little label on the side was hanging out and the seams lol. teehee. i was tired this morning!
  • Oh god what are you like lol xxx
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