Funky CM... (TMI ALERT) - advice needed!

What the hell is going on with my body?! I am pretty convinced I OV'd around the 8th as cervix was nice and open, cm and had a peak in my BBT. Anyway, today I felt something in my pants and thought it was AF early, so was pretty gutted, went to the loo and no.. it was CM... there was alot of it and it was white and very stretchy. It sounds like OV mucus, but it couldn't be as I am sure I OV'd about 9 days ago. My cervix is now midway, tilted and closed. I POAS and it was BFN (again!) Not sure what the hell is going on and it's starting to irritate me. Help!


  • gemsie24 - I have had the same happen 1 1/2 weeks apart!! Read my post ''interesting article on OV'' and follow the links - apparantly we can OV more than once a month!!
  • Hi Immense - If I was OVing again tho wouldn't my cervix be open and soft? And what's with it being tilted?!
  • I don't know a lot about cervix to be honest - it can move around at different times. When Ist OV it was soft and open but now it feel more closed and harder? I am sooo not an expert on this though.

    Also, Mine moves around all the time as I have a tilted womb!!
  • bump - re cervix questions!!
  • Hi, i have recently joined the pregnancy forum and not to get your hopes up but straight after i ovulated i glot lots of CM (like loads) where normally it dries up at this point, and that month i found out i was preg, so it's a good sign! good luck
  • Hmpf... I'm not sure what's going on. I do know that it's annoying to not know what's happening inside my body! Thing is I cannot remember what my cervix was like when I was pg with my daughter. I don't know whether I'm pg, but too early to test or ovulating... Or just the witch is on her way... Hmpf.
  • Thanks mobile - you have given me some more PMA!! Not too much though as don't want to get my hopes too high!! lol xx
  • i got loads of cm after ov this month - is that normal for everyone or should i be getting hopes up?? x
  • TBH - now I come to think of it I remember it happening before I realised I was pg with Alex. I remember being at work and rushing to the loo thinking it was AF, but it never was. Temperature is still high, too, so who knows? Oh dear, I see a glimmer of hope!
  • Stop = you're making me hope too!! lol!!
  • gemsie - now you can remember from 1st time - did you have any pain with it too??
  • Yeah slight twinges... Like AF twinges, only not as intense. And sore boobs. Basically I knew it was near the time of the witch, she just never showed her face! Maybe, just maybe this is our month, Immense!
  • Maybe - i have mild - med AF type pains and lots of EWCM - fingers crossed for us!! It will be a miracle if it is as I am in the middle of exams and very stressed!! lol!!
  • my fingers are crossed for you!! the week before i got my bfp i had increased cm which i was convinced was AF. i also didn't get bfp straight away. oooh and i had strange mild AF type pain.
    good luck and lots of PMA xxx
  • PMA PMA PMA... ***sticky BABYDUST***
  • mrs-e - if my cycle is same as last mth - I am due AF next week!! I have been thinking AF is on it's way tho! We shall have to wait and see!!
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