What is going on? Any ideas!?!?

My last AF started March 7th, Cycle is normally between 28-32. Have done 3 tests, CD 29 (approx 11 days post OV I think, got a smiley on stick at CD18), Cd30 and CD31. All faint BFP's, vv faint though.

Had some spotting, sometimes after going to the toilet, mostly faint light watery like and once dark brown. Started Mon/Tues then some yesterday but none today.

Haven't tested again as I thought AF is on her way TBH and didn't want a BFN. Been having twinges and a weird odd feeling down below. Had AF like pain at CD30ish but nothing since yesterday morning.

I am secretly hoping that the spotting etc is implantation but am so scared to get my hopes up.

I so want to test again but last month AF arrive late at CD34 after BFP. Do you think I should wait till Sunday CD36 to test again if AF doesn't arrive by then?

Anyone experienced something similar? I really don't want to get my hopes up girls! Feel oddly calm about this all?!!!?!?!?

Thanks for advice!



  • well done for staying calm lol. i would be pulling my hair out lol! i would say try hold out tilsunday if u can! havent had anything similar so sorry im not much help. good luck hun xxxxxx
  • Also have weird achey feeling in legs and top of legs by hips.....

    lol really am probably not calm at all!!!!
  • Hi, not sure if you have seen my post but we sound quite similar (although i haven't had a BFP at all), here's to keeping our fingers crossed for the both of us!!xxxxxx
  • weird achey feeling in legs and top of legs by hips.....

    omg i have exactly the same thing! and feel really sick!
  • Me too, I rang the docs have had achy back, hips and leg for days now and feeling of being on a rollercoaster and get this................I cant get an appointment for 2 weeks. She just said if am in stages of early pregnancy with getting faint lines etc then it would be pointless sending me for a scan and I just have to wait it out.

    I am still getting v.v.v faint lines on tests am going to wait until the weekend and maybe do a CBD if I can pluck up the courage. See I bled 29th March so technically it should have shown up by now!! but the doc said sometimes it can take a while for the hcg to build up in your urine.

    Am not going to get my hopes up again tho I just want the doc to sort me out with my weird cycles and absent AF's and when I do bleed its not every day so that cant be af!!

    Guess we are all stuck in limbo image x
  • hoping its a good sign thennn good luck girls!!!! xx
  • i am also scared to do a CB test! def doing a SD and Fr one on Sunday morning i can hold out till then.

    Not that i am getting my hopes up but i would be
    3 +6!!!!!!

  • I should maybe go do a cbd as this has been going on a while have bled every month but feb af was 11 days late, this month I bled 22-24 mar it was very light pink and then thur 25 mar it was dark red lasted a few hours.

    I havent had a proper full on AF since oct, each month have bled but havent had pain, cramps etc.

    I went to docs in feb they done urine/bloods so I know if I am preg it can only be from my march cycle

  • i would do a CBDhunni at least then you will know for sure. I am doing a CBD on sunday if AF hasnt appeared by then.
  • I dont have any in stock hun he he will have to go and buy some. I will maybe wait and do one on the weekend.

    I have a docs appt 22nd April so at least they are going to take me seriously, she said I should have had a follow up appointment by now but I never could get an appointment they are always gone so I rang and asked doc to ring me I just burst into tears *another symptom* am cryin at everything!!

    I just dont want to be stuck in limbo anymore, did you get a BFP? have read your other post or do you think youve had a chem pregnancy?

  • Sorry to hear your feelign so upset sparkling but just keep hoping!

    I had 3 faint BFPs but havent POAS since tuesday CD31 now CD33. No idea what is happening and am really trying not get my hopes up, not really succeedding with that though. i am just scared that its another chemical pregnacy like last month.... that was hard to deal with. So i am going to try to put of POAS till sunday am by which time i would be CD36. i am having all sorts of symptoms but not even sure if they are for real!! LOL! For all i know AF is playing with me and the symptoms are from AF coming after all.

    just dont know what to think.....!

    Hope yours turn into a beautiful strong BFp hunni... PM me if you fancy a chat...
  • Thanks hun, have just updated my post with telephone convo I had with doc.

    How long after your chem preg did you get a bleed? Ive maybe had a chem but no bleed as of yet but my discharge looks like it has bits of light blood in maybe my body is trying to bleed??

    I am going to try and put everything to the back of my mind now I have to for my own sanity, I cant keep second guessing what it happening cos its driving me nuts.

    Am off work this week so plenty of time to mull about and think about whats going on but when am back at work next week I wont have the time to mull about.

    I hope you get a BFP too I too think it could be all in my head and imagining things but I also think I wouldnt be getting symptoms so soon after having af either as am not due to ov until for another 2 weeks or so.

    I hate the fact that my cycles have gone haywire they were 35 from jun -oct and then went to 40 and 45 if my cycles are getting longer then hopefully docs will do something about it.

    I have it all wrote down and I did have pics of bfps on my phone but had to delete them due to my boss wanting to use my camera phone and I couldnt risk her finding out. I also had pics of my swollen belly.

    Oh well I guess its just a case of sit tight for both of us, have spent a fortune on hpts too!!

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