9 DPO and BFN, loosing PMA .........


Sorry for the moan but I'd really convinced myself that today would be the day! Got a BFN this morning and to top it off I'm getting cramps and brown CM and my nipples have stopped hurting so does that mean AF is on her way?!


  • wispa, im 9 dpo too. it is too early really for us to know. I would wait a good few days. Even if you got an early bfp, youd only worry until after af was due anyway. Does that make sense??!! Having said that i wasted money on so many tests over last year, refuse to spend any more money on them til af is late!!
    I think your symptoms sound good. I have been having some too this month - also a yellow/brownish stain in my knickers yesterday (sorry if tmi) and i have posted baout these strange pulling feelings i have been getting. Good luck and keep up pma xxx
  • Ahhh, thank you so much samsa. That's really made me feel better. I also had a yellow discharge on knickers yesterday, quite a lot as well. Have you had that before?

    When are you going to test samsa?

  • i dont remember having it apart from a few months where i got brown spotting just before af at 12/13 dpo but that was af. Are you def 9 dpo (what is your luteal phase normally - the time between ov and af?)
    I have also had creamy cm nearly every 2ww and that can be a sign but so may of the signs can be af symptoms and vice versa! Some of us a while back who had been trying for a while said the new symptoms were no symptoms as lots of girls got their bfps when they absolutley thought af would arrive!
    I will try not to test til thurs when af is due but that is mostly because i have no tests in house. If i had some, i would prob do some as i am naughty like that!
    I have been a bit conditioned to seeing bfns though so trying not to test early any more!
  • Must be soo hard, i'm only on month 2 and suffering already.
    Not sure how long luteal phase is, think it was 12 days last month. Having really long cycles, last month 44days and this month i'm on CD38 and still waiting.
  • its still early days, my friend got a bfn 2 days before af was due than got a bfp 2 days after and she felt like af was on its way all wk before so there is still time dont worry. xx
  • wispa, i have long cycles too - they are so frustrating arent they! mine vary from 31-45 days. i now take evening primrose oil after af and it had brought my ov day to between cd15 to 20 which makes my cycles generally about 31 now which is so much better and you dont have to wait ages for ov. You only take the epo up to ov though as can cause contractions which arent obv good for implanation!]ps just did my grocery shopping online and have ordered 2 clearblue tests ant two tesco tests. Very naughty but may test early on monday which will be 11 dpo! x
  • Thanks miss-to-mrs, thats really good to know, still some hope then?!

    Samsa, loving the preg test shopping spree! the tesco delivery man is gonna have fun picking those out. I used to work in tescos doing the shopping for the internet deliveries, used to love it!

    Thanks for the tips about evening primrose oil, can you get it in tablets?

  • yes its in tablets. I take two a day - think you can get them in supermarket x
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