please share your experiances.....

hey my AF was due thursday and i keep geting BFN and still no AF, its really starting to get me down, has this happend to any1 else???


  • Do you know when you ov hun because if you ov later than normal then AF will be late too. Also, what tests are you using? Some aren't very sensitive and if you have a shy bean then it may not show just yet.

  • Hey sorry to hear you're in limbo. I was the same last month, always have a 28 day cycle and i knew when i ov but for some reason my AF was a whole 12 days late! I too kept testing but think i was just stressing myself out and delaying the inevitable. Hope u do have a shy bean xxx
  • Hey pet, I had this the month before last. When I actually looked more closely at my chart I realised I'd OV'ed a fair bit later than FF had plotted on the chart and I wasn't actually 'late' at all. It was soul destroying when AF showed up like as I was convinced I just had a shy bean.
    Really hope it is a shy bean for you and not just a bit of a random cycle. xx
  • Me, I'm in limbo too. AF should have started yesterday, but all I had was pinky/brown CM. Temps have stayed high, but no BFP, 13dpo now.
    Its hard and confusing and I hope you have a shy bean hun xxx
  • I was 6 days late last month and then 5 this month and I did 2 tests this week (Sunday and Tuesday) and just got BFN. Had one more test left yesterday and did it but it came up one line so I thought AF was messing about again as I'd had no symptoms or anything. Then ages later hubby saw the test (I'd left it lying on the window sill in the bathroom) and he could see a faint postive. Went out and got a FR and it was there as strong as anything! So I don't think I ovulated when I thought I did so there is still hope. I'd even got and bought some OPKs after the second BFN on Tuesday.

    Hope you have a shy bean. xxxxxx
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