Think I have inplantation

Woke up this morning and felt a bit odd (nothing new there then lol).
Went to the loo and when I wiped there was a pinkish blob on the loo roll (sorry if tmi).

Just been again and the same thing has happened. Ive not had this before.

I wonder if its implantation? I have a funny feeling in my tum. I dont feel sick but it just doesnt feel right. Its more like a nervous tummy if you know what I mean.

Surely one day of bd'ing hasnt worked........................or has it?



  • What dpo are you?
  • roughly im only 4dpo (I think)
    Also, I have got really bad cramp in my right leg. Ive not had cramp in yrs. I wonder if cramp has anything to do with ttc?
  • Hi love you never know it could be image I really do have my finger crossed for you. Thats how my belly feels though like i am nervous about something you know.

    Ahh it would be sooo great if you were when is your test day mine is the 28th image

    K xx

  • Well it sounds like a possibility. I hope it all goes to plan!
  • My test date would be around 28th too.
    Im not going to bother testing early this time. I will wait and see if af is late first and if it is, then I will test........................................
    Like hell lol!!!!!!!!
  • Oh well I really really really hope you get your BFPimage

    K xx

  • I hope you do to hun. Its about time it was our turn dont you think?
    Im going to make an appointment for me and oh at docs i think. 3 yrs is a long enough wait!
  • I am only on my second month LOL so I can't moan at all. but yes you have waited long enough and you sooo deserve this.

    Just red Dappytart has had a BFP I am sooo pleased for her.

    k XX

  • it sounds promising,on my first pregnancy i had a implantion bleed 5dpo,so will keep my fingers crossed that your gonna get your bfp

  • Do all or most women get implatation bleeding?

    K xx

  • I didn't with my first, nor did two of my friends.
  • no and when some woman do they just think its af showing,i know i did,so didnt really know till i think about 2 weeks later when i started to get implantion pains,so decided to take a test cos i thought af was coming really early

  • Oh right cool I always thought most women did, do you always get inplantation pain?
    K xx

  • Nope, neither are expected, but some women do get them.
  • Great thanks love xx
  • when i got implantion pains it felt like really bad period pains,thats why i thought i was due on,i didnt get any symptoms till i got my bfp and they came in full force after :lol:
  • good luck babymonkey!! xxx
  • ooh how exciting, maybe it is implantation. It is actually not that common and i have never had a bleed but did get some cramps around 4-5dpo and a bfp at 8dpo. Fingers crossed
    Filo x
  • filobabe - BFP at 8dpo = that's really early isn't it? but congrats tho!!
  • yup it was and mid afternoon at 8-9dpo with a CBD as well!!! but then i am a freak of nature lol
    Filo x
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