advice needed girls xxxx

well i started opking and got my first + on july 29th cd19 it was as dark as line at about 1pm and even darker at 5pm. i didn't test the day after as we were flying back from holiday and had ewcm at about 10am on the 30th july
(day after +opk) i have since been on the 2ww and am now on 14dpo as i counted the 1st day as the day after +opk like fertility friend said. i have done lots of tests and all bfn have had a sore back aching at bottom for last 4 days and af pains yesterday and this morning. all gone now but when i went to loo before cm was very light brown and now back to normal colour. a friend just asked could i have oved later making me not as far past ovulation as i thought??? but even i i was i thought implantation would have taken place by now!!! what do you think?? i am going to feel totally stupid in the morning when af arrives but this all keeps going round in my mind has anyone else experienced this and had BFN up to 13dpo?xxxxxx


  • bumped for u x
  • hello

    you can OV upto 3 days after a + OPK as you didnt test after the 1st it could be that you would have had another making you maybe just 12DPO??
  • thanks piggypops i do think though i may just be clinging to hope! i hope not! im going to just wait i think! im too impatient!
  • fingers crossed x
  • Ellie when I had my last bfp I was spotting brown when I wiped only and I went in for a check-up and the doc said to me it could be implantation, I told her I would have been 12dpo ish by then and thought it would be too late for IB and she said well the blood from implantation sometimes takes time to work it's way out and as it's brown it's old blood - so I guess you never know. I went on to mc though about 2 weeks later - but I know that spotting generally means nothing so don't worry about that if you find out you are pg! Good luck.x

    BTW my AF showed up today - boooooo! I know we were on the same CD.
  • hi girls well still brown when i wipe sorry tmi ususlly when that happens in the morning when i wake up its nearly full flow and my temp was coming down and has now shot straight up again?! strange. will prob see af some time today by the looks of it!ahhh baby on board if it does i will be a day behind you on cd!!! sorry your af showed her ugly mug well ill be onto month 2 i know it is only early but i was really gutted when i saw that last night and today!
  • awww honey i really do hope it is implantation.
    you can ovulate 3 days after +ve opk so you might be right!
    really hope it is, im still sending you lots of positive vibes xxxx
  • thanks hun still not full flow so not counting as 1dpo yet but prob will do soon and i did a test and BFN so guess im onto month 2 nearly!! think hubbys secretly bit gutted!! image at least that means i can have a good drink tonight on the hen doo im on!! he eh xxxx
  • month 2 was lucky for us so im sure it will be the same for you!
    have a brilliant night tonight and try not to get too down.
    have you thought about buying pre-seed? seems to be the miracle ingredient for a lot of people!
  • ahhh yea forgot about that!!!!! will have to try!! he he he
  • hey hunni,
    just wanted to share my experience with u so dont mean to put a downer on it for u.
    am i right in thinking this is ur first af after coming off the pill?
    I had mine last month, at 10dpo i was getting brown when i wiped - not enough to wear a pad though. This continued for 2 days before it turned into Af at 12dpo image
    just wanted u to know so not to get your hopes up too much but got my fingers tightly crossed for u that this is ur bfp xxx
  • Hi!
    I don't know anything about OV testing, so I can't help, but just wanted to wish you good luck and lots of baby dust :::::::
  • Hi hun, i'm actually having te exact same thing at the mo!! was due on thurs but no af then yesterday i started having brown spotting, not heavy & only when i's tailed off today with just a teeny bit of brown. No period pains at all!! very strange indeed & we've not been ttc either..end of aug will b our first attempt.
    Hope it settles down for u hun xxx
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