Best place to get tests

I wanna get some cheap early pregnancy tests coz i dont wanna spend a fortune leading up to AF! im due on roughly wednesday ish next week but have been feelign bit strange so wanna test bit early! Thanks xx


  • hi, superdrug tests are fab and are pretty cheap, pk of two ??4.99 and one BOGOF so tahst 4 tests for just under a fiver, so roughly ??1.25 per test... i know lots of women use ebay tests and plenty got on fine with them, but i also hear lots about evap lines on them too...there is alos a company called access diagnostics which sells ov tests and hpts at cheap prices. xx
  • Hi, my superdrug haven't got the bogof on them now so I looked at tesco - 2pk of the tests there are ??3.50. Please try not to test early though - I know it's hard to resist but wait as long as you can xx
  • thanks, will prob test sun or mon, am due to come on weds thats if im on a 28 day cycle x
  • Hi s.s
    I haven't posted in ages but have been more of a lurker and noticed that we're cycle buddies! image I'm due a.f next wed but hoping I don't see her ugly face! As for tests I've always found superdrug tests to be best and not too expensive. Fingers crossed for us both. xx
  • hi hun. i think im due to come on next weds, really not sure on my cycle! It will be weds if im still on 28 days. How long have u been ttc for? xx
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