Ovulated or not ovulated, that is the question!!! BBT

Please help ladies!!!

A bit of background info is that I have PCOS and didnt have a period for 4 months when I came of the pill in August - To cut a long story short, my last cycle was 42 days and was thinking this one was going to be about 34 as I had signs I ovulated last week. I do my BBT every morning at the same time and it went up 9 days ago and also had EWCM for 3 days so thought it was pretty clear cut. I wasnt very well monday and my temp dropped but put this down to illness, tuesday it was up again and then yesterday and today it is down below the coverline again and I am just confused now and FF is saying now I havent ovulated!!!! AGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!

Be really interested to hear if anyone else has had these issues


  • Hi Hun, did you keep readings too last month? to compare. Some people have 2 lows, so it is possible wither way. What time do you do your bbt, on waking before moving? If you were not well then that will disrupt the reading and at that point i would heavily rely on EWCM, was there any on those days too? i guess its a case of waiting for the next few days to see if the highs remain constant and that will give you the answer.
  • Thanks for the reply Mrs Pointin, well my temp dropped again the next day and is now going back up again so think I am still waiting for ovulation although the EWCM I had I would have thought would have definately been an indicator!!

    The last cycle was pretty standard and I had a one day dip around DPO8 but then went straight back up so this cycle is very different.

    Think I am going to have to wait for OV or take it that this month its not going to happen:cry:
  • HI Hun, when you BBT chart providing you chart at the same time, first thing before any movement, you should have data to compare to. In your last cycle, the temp must have dipped at its lowest point before remaining high for the rest of the time - is this happening? that is when you are liklely to get your LH surge. If you had EWCM at that point that is a sure indicator. 2-3 days after this, your EWCM should have changed constiency to a thicker CM, did it? if so i would say that is when you ovualted. Arre you doing the BBT beofre you even get up and do anything even the loo? xxxx
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