AF Concern - TMI

Hi everyone

Sorry 'cos this is a bit TMI and a bit gross. I've got a really heavy AF this time, much much heavier than normal (on CD3). This morning went I went to the loo and wiped, I passed a massive clot - it was about the size of a ??2 coin - really!

Should I go and see my Dr??? Or has anyone else had this before???

Joo xxx


  • I'm sure it will be fine. Does it look all blood?

    If it looks like there is any skin in it, it is worth doing a Pg test, just incase it is an early mc. I had something like this last year and didn't do anything about it. I mentioned it to the docs a couple of months later and he said that sometimes clots happen due if blood is lying for a while. But it was only after my mc in January, that I was told I could've done a pg test last year, so that if it was, it could've been recognised by the docs as a mc. Sorry don't mean to be negative, and it probably isn't this at all and Im completely off on the wrong track - sorry if I am.
  • If I am really heavy(have been since taking aspirin) then I get some pretty large clots and feel much more drained with it than when it wasn't as heavy.xx
  • Hi Sevans, I definitely wasn't pregnant, I did millions of tests before AF arrived!
    Must admit, it did freak me out to start with - it did look like a skin sac of some kind!!!
    I'll see how the weekend goes, normally by CD3/4 it starts to get really really light so hopefully it will do that as normal!

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