I have a question about pain...

Hi lovelies! I am still getting used to being off the pill and trying to work out what my body is doing. I came off the pill in Nov 09, had my WD bleed, then my cycle after that was 42 days and I had a light 3 and a half days AF, and I am now on CD16 (I think...). Now for the pain - this cycle and last cycle, I got some strange pains. Last time, I thought it was OV pains, but then my AF didn't arrive 2 weeks later, so it can't have been OV pains. Then the same is happening this month. I first noticed it during sex, apols if tmi coming up, but when hubby thrusted into me, it was sore, but afterwards, the pain had gone. This was two days ago, the same happend last night when we had sex, but today the pain has stayed. It is right up inside me, this pain, and I can only describe it as being at the top of my lady garden, but deeper within me. Is this something to do with my lady-workings getting themselves ready to OV, or am I weird? Anyone else had anything similar to this? Don't want to bother my GP if this is normal, and the pill used to mask it.

Very rambly! I hope someone can interpret my wafflings! x


  • Hi hun,

    I wonder if your cervix is lower and whilst you were having sex it's been knocked a few times??? I think the cervix moves when you're ov, but not sure if it goes up or down :lol: might be worth googling it. Either a way, I'm sure it's fine.

    Good luck

  • I have had this and I think Rainbow is probably got the right idea. I think it is something to do with the position of the cervix as it does change depending on whereyou are in the cycle.
    Sorry can't tell you more than that - but i would google it.
  • This is a section out of Fertility Friend lesson on Cervix Position:

    Position: Your cervical position may be: low, medium or high. Your cervix heightens and becomes harder to reach as you approach your most fertile time. The important thing is to notice how it changes throughout your cycle in relation to your fertility. Observations can be subjective so you need to notice your own unique changes. Notice the change relatively. This may take a few cycles to really notice.
    ??????? Low: Record "low" for your least fertile cervical position. This is the position where it is easiest to feel and reach your cervix.
    ??????? Medium: Record "medium" for the position between your lowest and highest.
    ??????? High: Record "high" when your cervix is hardest to reach. You may not even be able to reach it. You will notice that it feels more wet, soft and open at this time as well. This is your most fertile cervical position.

    Hope this helps xx
  • Oh girls, you are so good to me! Thank you for all your replies, and thanks Curls for that piece of info, very useful, I shall have to pay more attention to my lady-bits!
    x x x
  • hun, i think the girls are right, i get this during the week running up to ov, have to tell oh to go easy (sorry tmi).lol. i wasnt sure what it was till i read it in a magazine once. its bloody painful.lol.xxxx
  • Thanks angel, it sounds like it is ov related then, a good, but painful way of working things out eh?!
  • lol yeah, im glad i get warning pains but could do with them being a little less painful.lol.xxxx
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