She got me this morning!

Oh well.. at least the agonising wait is over.... the witch got me this morning!! actually made myself laugh my shouting at the loo paper!!!! heads up and here's to this month!!! PMA eh girls!! x


  • hehehehe u shout at it as much as you like lol, yes TTC april thread here we come! sorry she got u! xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Sorry she got you rusky but good on you for the PMA and onto next month hon! Love the idea of you shouting at the loo paper!! xx
  • It was quite funny actually! I feel ok today and pretty positive! yesterday i felt really sad.. strange! anyway, all we can do is keep trying and hoping that our donor is in for the long haul! I think just being on here is helping me mentally, so thanks guys!! here's to strong healthy soldiers and lush ripe eggs this month!!!!
  • yep yep! fingers crossed, coming on here really keeps me positive too, seeing all the BFPs makes it seem like i wont be waiting frever and it is actually possible to get PG! lol so thanks to all BE girls helping us keep our PMA! xxxxxx
  • sorry she got you - will keep my fingers crossed you get an xmas bambino x
  • Bloody witch! Keep up the PMA and will happen soon i'm sure xx
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