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Why arnt we all pregnant yet?

Ok so we know how to work out when we ov, we check for ewcm, check position of cervix, take temp, poas and yet we still get a bfn at the end of it!!! Whats going on?? xx


  • I know!!!

    I think for me personally, its because I need to lose weight.

    I'm definitely ovulating each month and have regular periods (if a little bit on the short cycle side).

    I think it must just be taking time or I need to lose weight! Which I am trying hard to do - I really am!

    I was chatting to my brother the other day - he said it took 2yrs to conceive his first child which they believe was because of his wifes age and the fact she'd been on the pill for so long. Their 2nd child was conceived instantly! He told me and hubby to relax - he actually said "its not a pizza delivery you know"!!!

  • I think relaxing is the key which is a near imposibility when you want something so badly.
  • Its so hard to loose weight when you feel down because your not pregnant yet, it makes you want to eat! x Thats very funny what your brother said about it not being pizza delivery! xx
  • yeah that and the evil pill!!!
    there really is no control on how to get it out your system!!!
  • The only time im relaxed is during my af as i dont have to check everything when i go to the loo! lol. I think the doc should warn you when he prescribes the pill that if you do want to get pregnant that it can take ages for it to get out of your system! xx
  • Hi ladies, I am crashing again but would just like to share a couple of stories with you all so you know there is hope,

    My friend tried as you lot are to concieve for 24 months had tests done docs said nothing was wrong etc, her Dad passed away suddenly and her mind change from ttc obviously, she was pregnant the next month. Then pregnant with baby number two straight away after.

    My Mums friend was ttc concieve (quite some years ago) for so long that they ended up adopting a little girl, a couple of months after the little girl moved in she found out she was pregnant.

    Sometimes relaxation on a subject really can help, maybe you guys should try the just for fun approach for a month and see what happens? from an outsider looking in you guys really put a lot of pressure on yourselves. (hope that doesnt offend anyone)

    Good luck, relax and I hope you all get what your wishing for soon x
  • Thanks jmp, for those very positive stories! Its very true that some ladies get there bfp after their minds have been taken off ttc but im 41 now so i dont feel as if i can sit back and relax as time isnt really on my side but i promise ill try! thanks again hun xxx
  • I find it frustrating too how the pill affects people so differently. I was on the pill pretty much from when I turned 17 up until about a year ago - I'm now 28. I did have the odd 6 month or 1yr break if I wasn't seeing anyone special enough for me to be on it! Hubby and I stopped using the pill approx. a year ago, not because of TTC, but because we didn't think it was good for my body - the hormones etc.

    Each time I came off it, my periods regulated straight away - but for a lot of you other ladies, it seems to take ages to get out of your system.

    Why do our bodies do this???!!!

  • Im like you mrs joo, i went on the pill at 15! Ive had breaks to have my 5 children but as soon as they were born straight back on it again. My periods allways came back as regular as clockwork and allways got pregnant within a couple of months. I think we must be the lucky ones, i really feel for those ladies who dont know whats going on with their afs after the pill. xx
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